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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Dust
Owner: astersing
Pet Name: Alosteios
Breed: Grey Snowbunny

About Dust:
There is this thing about grey Petpets. They do not make good friends.

Oh, of course they look fancy because they are painted with a very expensive paint brush and look nice with a Neopet painted with an even more expensive paint brush. Unfortunately, that's about it. These little critters are constantly gloomy and do not like playing and all. Most Neopians usually change them for companions that are a bit more cheerful and thus easier to spend time with. Nobody likes to be sad all the time, right?

This is why a certain grey Snowbunny was alone on a cold September night. The air was chilly; soon the snow would fall. The small Petpet shuddered, his fuzzy fur unable to keep the cold away. The Snowbunny whimpered and tried to bury himself in the fallen leaves, but they provided no shelter.

How did it even happen? The Snowbunny didn't remember. He seemed to recall having a few owners, a few friends, but it all had taken place such a long time ago. The memories were fading slowly, and the Snowbunny sometimes wondered if he'd ever had family at all.

Then there was a voice.

"Oh no. No, no, no."

Well, that reaction was slightly disappointing. Not that the Snowbunny was about to get sad again; he'd had enough of sadness in his life, thank you very much. He perked up and sniffed the air. There seemed to be a Neopet standing in front of him. He was quite tall, the Snowbunny noticed, and sounded very, very annoyed.

"Are you kidding me? Do you realise how insulting this is?" The Neopet, a Cybunny, was talking loudly to someone the Snowbunny couldn't see. "Just because this thing and I seem to share some... similiarities... does not mean it's a suitable Petpet for me!"

Oh. The Snowbunny felt his heart drop. There went his chance at finding a new home. He curled up again, trying not to listen to the on-going rant. It was quite difficult, as the Cybunny's voice proved to be rather loud.

"In case you haven't noticed, my colour is mutant. Do I need to spell it out for you? Oh fine, fine, be that way. I would simply like to know what part of 'I wan't a creepy Petpet' you don't understand. I am a mutant, I need creepy, and this thing is basically the cutest thing in Neopia!"

The Snowbunny's ears twitched. Was that supposed to be a compliment or what? Well, it didn't really matter; they wouldn't take him home anyway. He closed his eyes.

"Sure, make me the bad guy! But I do not have a 'weak spot,' as you call it, for cute things!"

There was some odd grunting and muttering, and before the Snowbunny had the chance to open his eyes, he was gently picked up and pressed against something fuzzy. He opened his eyes and was met with an odd skull pattern.

"Aren't you adorable? Yes, yes, you are," the mutant Cybunny cooed, petting the bewildered Petpet. "Are you sure you're really grey? Not just covered in dust? Heh heh heh, dust. My name is Al. You'll be known as Dust from now on."

Was this happening for real? The Snowbunny, now named Dust, sniffed carefully the hand that held him. It was... weird. The whole Neopet was odd. He'd been loud and scary when he'd talked earlier, and on top of that he was a mutant and they were known for being slightly different from other Neopians, but now Al seemed to be very kind. But didn't he say that a Snowbunny wouldn't be creepy enough for him? Why was he taking Dust home now? And he was using baby talk, too!

Dust continued to wonder as he was put in a warm, soft Petpet bed. It was very comfortable indeed. Later, he also received carrots because apparently Al "didn't like vegetables at all," or so he said. The carrots were nice, too. Very tasty. As Dust began to drift off, he pondered sleepily on the weirdest thing; here, in the empty house (there was almost no furniture) of a mutant Neopet, the Snowbunny felt really happy. It seemed that maybe, just maybe, things would turn out well after all.


Al scrubbed the floor viciously; he always did that when he felt anxious. It didn't fit his Evil Image (rights for the title pending), but he couldn't help it. He was exhausted because he'd spent the whole day searching for a Petpet -- no, the loneliness hadn't driven him into desperation, why would you think so? -- but finally, finally he was happy. Not that he was about to admit that, no way.

"Just so you know," Al tried to grump angrily, but he couldn't put his heart into it, "I really don't like cute things. It was an impulse, really, so don't you dare laugh, okay?!"

But there was laughter. Quite a lot of it, actually; unfortunately, that's a whole different story.

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