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Petpet Name: Nefarious
Owner: neopian_grk
Pet Name: Malevolentrexx
Breed: Arkmite

About Nefarious:
This is the story of the mighty Arkmite named Nefarious and his Petpetpet Skuffler. Way back in time, when the waters were ruled by monsters scarier than the ones under your bed, there was little hope for getting across the seas unharmed. With Maraqua being the only safe haven in the ocean, it was almost impossible to reach without an aquatic beast preventing a safe trip. Neopians were afraid to delve in the water and afraid to surface above the water. In the depths of their fear, the Maraquan Neopians were unaware of a little hero that was just beginning his journey in their city...

In the deep caves of Maraqua was the birth of Nefarious the Arkmite. His father was one of the scariest aquatic monsters, but Nefarious did not thirst for the same type of fear his father thrived on. His parents would try to teach him the way of the aquatic beasts, but Nefarious couldn't help but feel guilt and pity for those he scared.

"Mama, why do we scare the Neopians that mean no harm to us?" asked little Nefarious.

"Because, son, this is our territory! The moment we allow a single Neopian to pass by without a scratch is the moment we lose our home to those savages!" replied his mother in a dismissive tone.

Nefarious was born with a different mind from his parents, though. He believed in the kindness of the Neopians and also believed in the kindness within himself. He knew he couldn't go against the aquatic beasts and win, so he began to think of a plan.

After weeks of failing plans and blank thoughts, Nefarious came across a little red bug that crawled across the water-currents. As Nefarious approached it, the bug raised his tail as if to say, "Don't you dare come near me!!! You and I both know my poison is dangerous to you aquatic beasts!"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" shouted an alerted Nefarious. "I'm not here to attack you! I'm not an aquatic beast like my parents... I prefer the term 'aquatic Petpet'. I'm not a beast like the rest of them... They're vicious monsters, born without hearts or minds of their own..."

The little red bug gave Nefarious a sceptical look.

"I know I must look like quite the little monster... but I'm like you! You Skufflers are thought to sting first and ask questions later, but really you only attack when being attacked. I wish there were some way to free myself from the bad reputation of my family and the aquatic beasts and prove that I'm different!"

The little red bug cocked its head to one side, as if asking, "If you're so sick of the aquatic beasts, then why don't you put a stop to them?"

"I would love to! But I don't know how... wait! They've trained me. I know all of their weaknesses!"

The little red bug seemed to nod, and Nefarious patted it excitedly on the head.

"I might not be the biggest or strongest monster, but with all of my intelligence and back-up of Neopians, I can be the strongest hero!" And on that note, Nefarious grabbed the little Skuffler and ran off to tell the world about his plot!

At sunrise the next day as all the aquatic beasts prepared to ravage the seas, they were surprised to find all the Maraquans already waiting outside their caves and Neohomes... with weapons at the go and Nefarious and Skuffler in the lead. They had the aquatic beasts cornered. Scared of the Neopians and Skuffler stingers, the aquatic beasts were forced out of the waters and sworn to honour and respect all living things on Neopia, as the Neopians promised to do the same.

Although they weren't big, Nefarious and Skuffler proved that the biggest help can be found in the smallest beings!

Rumour has it that if you delve deep enough into the Marqauan caves, you can still here the roaring of Nefarious's father. And if you are unlucky enough, you will see him!

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