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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Meep
Owner: taurus296
Pet Name: Butterisi
Breed: Disco Meepit

About Meep:
The Haunted Woods is not exactly the most welcoming of places. For a pet to be comfortable in such an environment they must be strong of heart and mind. So it would be fair to say that its companion would also have to possess the same qualities.

A regular sight in the Haunted Woods was the movement of a white blur through the trees, a Hissi, known by the local shopkeepers simply as Butterisi. His love of spooky food was renowned, from Octornapies to Squishy Brain Wraps -- he would eat it all. Regularly he would make trips to Spooky Food to purchase such produce, and nine times out of ten he would make it back home quite safely. However, on the odd occasion, Butterisi would bump into trouble.

"Well, that was a pretty good bargain!" Butterisi thought to himself as he slithered home at his usually hasty pace. Twenty Slimesicles for only 200 Neopoints! He couldn't believe it. Usually, if he was lucky, he could get ten for the same amount, but twenty? That was amazing, must be a catch, though... hmmm, what was that?

The sound of a cracking twig hit the invisible ears of the young Hissi. He had heard the sound before, created by his own tail before he had mastered the skill of silence.

Someone, or something, was following him. The urge to fly was incredible but unachievable, due to the barricade of trees facing him left, right, and centre. He continued on, pocketing the few thousand Neopoints he had on wing. Another twig cracked; he paused again, but due to his hasty stride, the coins clinked loudly in their cloth bag.

A sound heard by a dozen pair of scraggly ears.

Butterisi slowly looked over his shoulder, to find a pack of small, mutated Petpets rushing toward him -- Petpets all too familiar with the sound of clinking Neopoints.

"Mutant Kadoaties!" he exclaimed loudly.

Within a couple of seconds, the Kads had halved the distance between themselves at the white Hissi. He really wanted to fly now, the feeling was huge, but the thicket of trees around him was becoming harder to move through; he could barely stretch his wings, let alone fly. Maybe, just maybe, he could reach his Scythe of Eternal Darkness and scare them off? Yes, he was sure he could! Butterisi increased his pace, and with one movement reached around to pull at the hilt of the scythe, releasing it easily from its restraint.

But not smoothly enough. The scythe seemed to bury its way into the trees in slow motion, sending him crashing through the trees in not-so-very slow motion, landing metres away from his salvation. The mutated Petpets would be upon him in seconds. He could not use his fireball ability; he was out of breath, and it was nowhere near strong enough to fend off all of the Kads. He still could not fly either. Maybe if he stayed still, they would only steal his Neopoints. No, that was a stupid idea. They would take everything, and do Fyora knows what to him. He hurt too much to care anymore. Butterisi saw the eyes of the mutant kadoaties launching themselves at him and closed his, awaiting the impact of claws, teeth, and oily fur on his scales.

And. . . now.
Any second now.
Oh, come on, just get it over and done with!

He opened one weary eye, to see the Kadoaties' eyes double their size, just metres away from him. An eerie sound erupted from the mouths of the mutants, a high-pitched squeal of terror, as the while pack turned on their heels and fled.

What was going on?

His head hurting, Butterisi staggered toward the scythe, clutching at it for support. With one great jerk he wrenched the weapon from its woody prison, turning himself around toward the blockade to see a small mass of pink fur gazing at him.


Butterisi blinked his eyes; the pink mass was suddenly at his feet. "Meep," it repeated.

Butterisi studied the pinkness. Well, he thought it was pink, but on closer inspection the creature seemed to be covered in all sorts of coloured shapes. He had heard of a creature like this before, a Petpet called the Meepit, but very few pets had ever seen them. Butterisi blinked again, and the Meepit was on his shoulder, staring him in the face with huge dark eyes. "Meep," he replied, nibbling on the Hissi's scythe. He seemed friendly enough. But how would he get back home? Butterisi whispered quietly to himself. Without even the opportunity to think he heard the sound of crashing wood, as a huge gateway formed in the wooden barricade. The Meepit appeared, with quite a large branch in his mouth.


"What the..."

The sound of wood snapping underfoot entered both Hissi and Meepit ears. Without thought, Butterisi scooped up the Meepit in his wing and at a hasty pace slithered through the gateway of branches and beyond.

To this day, Butterisi the white Hissi can be seen as a white and pink blur, now followed by Meep the disco Meepit... and he hasn't seen any mutant Kadoaties ever since that day.

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