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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Max
Owner: ghost_lupin
Pet Name: o_polter_o
Breed: Halloween Rock

About Max:
You decide to go for a nice stroll through the Haunted Woods to get into the spirit for the Halloween holiady when a small ghost Draik floats up to you, smiling.

"Hiya!" she says, waving her hand like a lunatic. "My name's Polter, yup yup! And I'm here today to tell you all about my best friend, Max!"

She floats off momentarily only to return a short while later dragging a rather large rock behind her. "This is Max!" she says, pointing to the tombstone. "He's a Halloween Rock. And I must say my adventures in Neopia have been so much better since I met my little friend."

At first you hesitate, after all, you were only trying to navigate your way through the Haunted Woods when you stumbled upon her.

But she is a ghost after all... she doesn't seem scary, though. But you never know.

Curious, you decide to stay anyway.

"It all started a couple of years ago. It was when I had just become a ghost Draik. I used to be fire, but that's not important.

"Anyway, I had come to find a home here in the Haunted Woods. But I was still adjusting. I was the new Neopet in town." She sighs, a small frown appearing on her face. "But... then I met Max!"

She points toward the tombstone, a smile appearing once more. "I had decided to take a walk through one of the graveyards, and I stumbled upon him. I know it might not sound like much, but Max is so much more than just a rock!"

You glance from the ghost Draik over toward the tombstone and then back. It doesn't appear as though the Rock is showing any signs of life.

"Max is awesome around the Neohome. He likes to bake cookies, and he even has tea parties with me! Oh, I was so lonely before I met Max. But now it's so nice to have someone around that enjoys the Haunted Woods as much as I do! Oh, and--" She lifts Max up to the best of her abilities. "He also makes an excellent Battledome item!"

With a small giggle, she swings the tombstone around in order to demonstrate. "See? He's got like a MILLION uses!"

Upon realising you've taken several steps back to avoid being hit by the tombstone, she sets him down once more. "So anyway," the ghost Draik says, looking slightly embarrassed for frightening you, "I wanted to enter Max in the Petpet Spotlight for this reason. I think pet Rocks are under-appreciated. They're actually excellent Petpets and even better friends!" She looks to her tombstone once more. "I really think if Max won, it'd be a great way to show him and pet Rocks everywhere that they make great Petpets too!"

With another ear-to-ear grin, the small ghost Draik bows. "I appreciate you listening to my story! Wish Max and Petpet Rocks everywhere good luck!"

And just as suddenly as she appeared, the little ghost Draik vanishes with her pet Rock companion. Feeling slightly on edge after your sudden encounter with such an odd draik, you too make your way out of the Haunted Woods... and fast!

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