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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Flight and Flit
Owner: dragonwhelpy
Pet Name: Boahs
Breed: Bikiwan

About Flight and Flit :
Bikiwan are not known for being smart, but they are known for their bravery. Some think it is their lack of brains that makes them run headlong into trouble, and that it is not courage at all. This is a story of a Bikiwan named Flight and how he met his new owner, Boahs.

"Geraptiku is hardly a place for a flightless creature like you," a hissing voice echoed in the cave.

The Bikiwan looked around, not able to tell where the sound was coming from. Movement out of the corner of his eye made the little bird jump. He could barely see the outline of a snake-like creature under a small beam of sunlight coming in through the cracks of the thick canopy. The blurry figure started to get larger as it slid closer, and the Hissi's form began to take shape.

"Oh great. A ghost," the Bikiwan thought to himself, realising the transparent snake was now in front of the only exit.

The Hissi was coming closer, rocking left and right with his eyes transfixed on the little bird.

"Please, no. Not this!" the bikiwan started to plea silently with his eyes squinted shut.

A moment passed, and then another. The bird slowly opened one eye, thinking himself spared from being lunch. He was face to face with the ghostly serpent, frozen with fear.

"Even if I were alive, I don't think you would make for a very good meal." The Hissi chuckled. "What brings you to such a dangerous area anyway? As you can tell, Geraptiku did a fine number on me," he said, as his body passed through the trembling Bikiwan.

A moth-like insect, that the Bikiwan did not notice before started bouncing his way toward the Hissi. Forgetting his fear, hunger took over, and the Bikiwan nose-dived in the direction of the hopping insect. He had been wandering lost in Geraptiku for days now without a meal.

"I wouldn't recommend you eat my friend; it would be much unappreciated, little bird."

The Bikiwan paused, and looked toward the bouncing insect.

"My name is Boahs, and this energetic bouncing ball is Flit. If you would promise to not eat him, I think I can promise not to eat you." The Hissi winked.

The Bikiwan chirped happily. At least he was not alone in this scary place anymore... even though his present company was almost as scary.

"I'll call you 'Flight'. Ironic, no?"

Boahs chuckled again, the same as before. He lowered his head and allowed Flit to hop on board just above his nostrils.

"It seems we should find you something to eat, my new flightless friend."

And with that, they were off. No goal in mind, just living each day to the next with nothing but each other. Geraptiku isn't such a bad place after all.

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