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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Nothing
Owner: mamasimios
Pet Name: nobody
Breed: Invisible Warf

About Nothing:
Have you ever been walking alone, maybe it's dusk and the light is failing, and you feel a breeze on the back of your neck that makes your hair stand on end? Have you then looked up at the trees, noting the fact that no wind has disturbed the leaves there, and yet still that breeze, that slightest tickle at the base of your neck persists?

Turning around, certain now that someone, that something is standing right behind you, that that breeze must actually be breathing, silent wheezing, did you then spin and face blank and empty air? Heh, heh, (perhaps you chuckled to yourself) nothing is there. You have nothing to worry about.

Spinning on your foot, you stuff your hands down deep into your pockets, begin to whistle to fill the empty air, refusing to worry about what caused the breeze when there's nothing there.

Have you ever been walking along, maybe it's nearing noon, and you're just walking and enjoying the bright sunshine, the heat and light of day, and as you walk along, on the clear and empty sidewalk, have you ever tripped over seemingly nothing at all? You crash to the ground with an undignified thunk, not even having the time to put your hands out to cushion the fall. You shake your head with disbelief, looking around to see who might have witnessed the shameful accident, your inexplicable clumsiness, and with a self-deprecating shake of your head, a chuckle meant to mask your embarrassment, you retrace your steps, searching for the root, the pebble, the crack in the cement that tripped you up. But nothing is there. The path is clear of obstacles, certain though you are that you couldn't have tripped over nothing at all. Uncertainly, you chuckle again and resume your walk, now watching more closely for those things that might trip you up.

Have you ever been sleeping, deep into the night, so late that even Kreludor has completed its nightly circuit and casts no light into your cozy room, have you been sleeping and dreaming and suddenly wake up with a jolt, certain beyond a doubt that you are being watched? Have you then sat up, frightened and disoriented, maybe still half-asleep, and grasp blindly for the pull chain on your reading lamp, flailing and knocking about, feeling those eyes watching your every move? Finally, the light clicks and glows to life, flooding the room with its shadow-dispelling comfort, and as you call out, Who's there?... you can see that nothing is? You blink and rub at your sleep-blurred vision, squinting into the deepest recesses, the shaded corners of your room, and can see nothing at all, despite the feeling that even yet there are eyes that watch you.

I am here to let you in on a little secret: I am nothing. I am that nothing. I am an invisible Warf, and my name is "Nothing," and when my owner isn't careful, I like to slip my leash. There's few things I like better than to follow you as you walk along when the light is failing, to breath on the nape of your neck and watch you spin and turn around with wild panic in your eyes. It's all I can do to jam my paws into my mouth to silence the chuckle that threatens to alert you to my presence. I love to follow you at noon, walking in your footsteps as you trace a carefree path along the sunlit sidewalk, and then to run ahead, silent as a sunbeam, and stick out my foot, to trip you up and watch you fall. I dance and cavort, just beyond where you brush your arms, looking for what made you stumble, what made you fall. My very favourite thing of all, though, is to creep into your room at night and watch you sleep and watch you sleep until, somehow, you feel my eyes. You light the room and search for me, you know I'm there, your stricken eyes meet my own eyes, my eyes that would sparkle with mischievous delight if only you could see them.

You feel my breath and say it's nothing. You trip over me and say it's nothing. You feel me watch you as you sleep and say it's nothing.

And you are right.

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