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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Daniel
Owner: _razcalz_
Pet Name: Cineaste
Breed: Green Rock

About Daniel:
There's something to be said about this Petpet of mine.

First of all, it's not the Petpet speaking. (Duh. A Rock speaking?) I'm Cineaste. I'm an Ixi. I'm a robot. I don't say robotic things like "affirmative" every other line, because that would be weirder than this Rock.

Oh, yeah. Back to the Rock. His name is Daniel. And you're thinking, "Wow, that's such a dynamic choice of name for a Rock! He should be named 'Pebble' or 'Shingle something'."

Yes. That is very true. In fact, any name other than "Pebble" or "Shingle" or "Hey, You!" would be too dynamic for a Rock.

I have a little story about how his name came to be. As I said before (pay attention, you), Rocks don't talk. Have you seen one that talks? I bet it's a no. So how was I going to find out what he would answer to*?

That's easy. I spouted random names to him whenever I thought he might be listening and waited for some kind of reaction*.

(*N.B. section to come on Rocks answering/responding.)

It's lucky that I am a robot, because robots function methodically by nature. That means alphabetically in this case. "D" wasn't too far from the top, and thus I much prefer "Daniel" to the aforementioned name of "Pebble," which would have been several weeks down the list.


Oh, you wanted to know how I knew which name was the right one. Well, that part's a bit longer. Let's start from the top this time.

Daniel follows me.

No joke.

I know he can't talk. And if he can't talk, he certainly can't walk. Right? Right? Wrong!

You know how there's a thing with jars, bottles, buckets, etc. of the magical variety? How they fill up when you're not looking, but never do when you're pretending to do the laundry while keeping a not-so-sneaky watch on them? It's a battle you never win. They just know.

Well, when I first found him half-hidden in some neighbouring garden, I thought he was just a lucky green rock. (That's rock as in ordinary, non-creepy rock, without the capitalised R.) So I took him (it) with me, and apparently he interpreted it as some kind of show of affection between Neopet and Petpet, and he wouldn't leave me alone after that. Not even when I left him someplace, backed up without turning around, and walked far enough to cover decent miles between here and the Lost Desert. I turn around, he's right behind me again. I later figured that it was probably no accident that he was in the garden in the first place.

Asking me how a Rock could possibly move in the blink of an eye is the same as asking how that magical container can possibly refill itself. It just does.

I put up with it nowadays, and by now I hang around him enough to tell the different patterns on his face apart.

His face is on his flat side. You can see it in the picture. That particular face is the "you've annoyed me, put me in the sun to make it up" face. So it's easy to answer the question about reactions from Rocks, because every tiny shift of the face is realms of change in his means of expressing.

So. I hope you have learned two things from this introduction to Daniel. Number one is to always do things alphabetically, and two is to never pick up strange coloured artefacts that ought not to be coloured in gardens that are not yours.

Oh, no. The face just changed. You know, I should have smartened up and put him in the sun before I even started all this.

There'll be no more bliss of solitude for the next fortnight or so. Maybe he'll go easy this time.

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