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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Columba
Owner: jbyronc
Pet Name: Atheicus
Breed: Ukali

About Columba:
"Oh, hi there!" a cheery voice rings out as you make your way up to the Observatory in Altador.

Upon reaching the entrance, you see that the room is circular, like the moon, but almost half of the room opens up and reveals the starry Altadorian sky above. And within the room, stars illuminate two white figures. One of them, the smaller one, seems to glow and is perched upon a desk.

The larger white figure whispers, "Oh, I mean, hi there! I shouldn't have been so loud, you see, my companion here is sleeping."

Upon closer inspection, you realise that the large figure is a white Scorchio and that his companion is an Ukali resting peacefully on a fluffy lavender pillow.

The Scorchio speaks again. "My name is Atheicus, and this here is my Ukali and best friend. She's sleeping right now; she has been through a lot."

You take a look again at the sleeping Ukali and wonder how could she have been through so much, yet look so peaceful?

Atheicus senses your wonderment and says, "Hmm, looks like you have time for a story, don't you? Well, I don't mind, I don't get visitors often. So, where should I start? Oh yes, one night, about two weeks ago, I arrived here, at the Observatory, 'cause I needed to get some star data, because I was on the brink of discovering a new constellation!" He pauses for a dramatic effect, but you stare calmly at him. Atheicus then gestures you to sit down.

"Well, anyway," he continues, "I was in here for a while, minding my own business, when suddenly I heard a faint noise. I can't really describe it, but it was peculiar. And frightening. I knew I shouldn't have been scared, but I couldn't help it. It was late at night, in fact, I think it was really early in the morning, but I can't remember." He scratches his head and pauses again.

"You'll never believe who it was, though! You would have thought it would have been the Darkest Faerie herself! Or even Sloth from his spaceship! Or a Meepit! But then a faint pale blue glow lit the room, and out came Psellia, otherwise known as the Dreamer. At that moment, I knew I had nothing to fear, she was a friendly faerie, a sleepy faerie, but still very kind." Atheicus pauses and pets the Ukali, who's been stirring in her sleep while Atheicus tells the story.

"She told me that she had a dream, and in that dream, there was an Ukali being tormented by three dark faeries. They were cruel, and eventually placed a spell on the poor Ukali, causing her to lose her ability of flight. Of course, her dreams sometimes foretold the future, so she woke up and found the poor Ukali and saved her from the dark faeries," Atheicus says.

"So that is why she ended up in the Observatory, because Psellia knew the dark faeries would never find the Ukali here and thought it would be a safe place. And that is why her wings are in the form of clouds, because Psellia's magic wasn't strong enough against the three dark faeries' magic. She told me the curse would heal in time, but right now, the Ukali needs as much rest as she can get." Atheicus sighs, and continues on, "I didn't mind, of course, I come here to the Observatory every day, but when I tried to take her home with me one day, she would not leave. So I asked King Altador himself if I could live here for a while with the Ukali and after telling him the story, he gladly agreed. I've been here ever since."

A faint light shines through from the wide opening in the room. Daybreak.

Faint streaks of orange emerge from Altador's horizon.

"Oh well, will you look at that, it is morning now. It seems we have talked through the entire night. You'd better go home now."

You get up to leave, but you have one more question to ask Atheicus.

"So, did you ever find a constellation?" you ask.

"Oh, I did, and I named it Columba, after her," Atheicus replies, and he looks at the sleeping Ukali and smiles.

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