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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Wilhelm
Owner: huntingwolf54321
Pet Name: Blind_Tom
Breed: Juma

About Wilhelm:
I looked at the small slip of paper in my hand and then at the address on the small castle before me. Yep, this is it. A cold Altador wind blew across my face and leaves crunched under my feet as I walked to the villa, or house, and up the stone steps. I knocked on the large wooden door. I could just barely hear the faraway ocean and its constant beat of waves. A nice quiet place, I thought.

A few seconds later, a blue Peophin opened the door.

"Hello!" he cheerfully greeted me. "You're from The Petpet Spotlight, right?" he asked.

"Yes," I answered with a nod. The Peophin wore sunglasses and didn't look directly at me when I spoke. With a swallow, I realised he was blind.

The Peophin smiled. "Please, come in. My name is Tom."

I followed him inside, and he showed me to the living room.

"Have a seat," Tom said, sitting down on a chair near the fireplace.

I pulled out a notepad and prepared to write.

"Tell me about..." I glanced at my notes, "...Wilhelm the Juma and how you found him," I said, scribbling down notes about the interior of the villa and the Peophin, anything that might make a good detail to the story. I wondered where the Petpet was anyway, but I didn't have time to ponder as Tom began his story.


Tom: "When Tara, my owner, and I went looking for a Petpet for me, I honestly didn't expect it to take weeks. From Mystery Island to the Haunted Woods, Tara and I looked in every shop, auction, and trade. I lost count of how many Petpets I held. It was the same every time. Tara would pick out a few Petpets and then she would place them in my hooves. I would gently pet each one, only to shake my head and tell Tara to put them back. Finding the perfect Petpet for a blind Peophin isn't exactly the easiest thing to do.

I admit that even while we searched and travelled, it was exciting visiting all the new places, even if I didn't get to 'see the sights.'

We both laughed a few seconds before Tom continued.

"Then we finally went to Shenkuu. This had to be my favourite place to visit, for many reasons. As Tara led me along the high, winding streets, I listened to passing conversations and smelled the wonderful scents that wafted in the sharp mountain air. I heard a small bell ring as we entered Fanciful Fauna. I didn't have much hope of finding a Petpet there. The name Fanciful Fauna spelled out haughty Petpets to me, but Tara had insisted that we look in every shop.

"'The shopkeeper is a spotted Koi,' Tara whispered in my ear.

I heard the shopkeeper approach us as she said, 'Hello there! These Petpets can be found nowhere else in Neopia!' she said, somewhat shyly. 'Do you need help finding anything?' I heard her ask.

"'No, thank you, not yet at least,' Tara said.

"Fauna must have nodded, because her footsteps faded away. Tara led me to a chair sitting in the corner of the small shop. 'I'll see if she has anything we haven't looked at yet, okay?'

"I felt Tara's hand on my shoulder and I nodded. I heard Tara walk back to the returning shopkeeper, and they chatted as they looked over the Petpets.

"I must have sat there for at least five minutes, lost in my own mind. A sudden noise awoke me from my daydreaming. I turned my head so I could listen better. It was a really quiet noise, even hard for me to hear. I tipped my head a little more and listened harder. It sounded like something small was creeping along one of the shelves. Then there was a small clink. I knew that noise anywhere... someone was reaching into a cookie jar!

"I was just going to get up and walk toward the sound when, 'Oohhh! Not AGAIN!' I heard the shopkeeper squeal. She stomped past me, and I heard something give an excited yip. 'You little thief! You always sneak out of your cage and steal from the cookie jar. What am I ever going to do with you?' Fauna sounded really flustered, and I imagine that her face was slightly red. I heard Tara laugh.

"'He certainly looks pleased with himself.' I didn't have to see anything to agree with Tara. Whatever HE was, he made loud munching noises on that cookie with all the joy in Neopia.

"I felt Tara's hand on my shoulder.

"'It seems the shopkeeper has a troublesome Juma on her hands. Would you like to meet him?' she asked. I nodded eagerly.

"Suddenly, the softest thing I had ever felt was thrust into my arms. I stroked my hoof along the Juma's back all the way to his bushy tail. The Juma panted and yipped. He put his two front paws on my nose and sniffed me. Then he sat down and waved his enormous tail across my lap. I laughed.

"'You are something, aren't you?'

"I was so busy playing with the Juma I didn't even hear Tara whisper to the shopkeeper, 'We'll take him.'

"But I did hear Fauna's sigh of relief.

"As it turned out, Wilhelm and I were the perfect match. And as time went on, I began to wonder who owned who. It didn't take Wilhelm long to figure out that I needed help, even when walking around my own house. Once, the mop and bucket that stays in the kitchen fell over, spilling soapy water all over the floor. As I walked into the kitchen, not knowing the danger, Wilhelm grabbed onto my fin. He tugged, pulled, and yelped anxiously, until Tara came and saw what the commotion was about. Oh yes, he earned lots of hugs and praises afterward.

"Every night, we sit in front of our fireplace, with him on my lap, and I stroke his soft fur as I feel the heat of the fire on my face. It's great to have a Petpet and a best friend in one. I don't have to have vision to see that."

Suddenly, we both heard a noise in the kitchen and Tom smiled. "Please excuse me a moment. Wilhelm is getting into the cookie jar again..."

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