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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Fen
Owner: tiktoshi
Pet Name: Furikty
Breed: Kepru

About Fen:
A while ago
In the Lost Desert sun,
A friendship had started,
A story had spun.

A Kepru was walking,
Alone under heat,
When slowly it looked, there,
Its eyes came to meet

A Xweetok of colour,
Of blue and pink,
Strolling and singing
And walking in sync.

A creature of beauty,
As blue as the sky.
But it wasn't her looks
That had caught its eye.

It had been her bow
Atop of her head;
Crafted in purple,
A mastery of thread.

It shone like a diamond,
A jewel in its eyes.
It wanted it badly;
A plan to devise.

It followed the Xweetok,
A silent pursuit,
A quick path to thievery
To get its prized loot.

When it found itself close,
It leapt from the ground,
Caught the bow in its jaws
And fled without sound.

With a flurry of feet,
It ran to a rock.
Behind it, it hid
And brooded its stock.

A shocked Xweetok stood
Frozen in place.
Her hands to her head,
Tears lined her face.

"What do I do?!"
She shrieked in despair.
"Do I tell my owner
It just fell from my hair?"

The Kepru heard this
And stopped dead in the sand
And it opened its mouth;
The bow softly did land.

Her sobs struck its heart,
And it peeked from its spot.
It looked at its form
And regretted its plot.

A decision it made,
A quick one at that.
It took up the bow
And left where it sat.

It ran to the girl,
Reluctant at first,
Its ears folded down,
It expected the worst.

It stood by her, then,
Dropped the bow at her feet,
Looked into her eyes
And turned to retreat.

The Xweetok said "Wait!
Don't go away.
I feel I should thank you,
So please, come and stay!"

The Kepru, surprised,
Walked back to her, then,
Hesitating at first,
Looked at her again.

She said, "You're so thin!"
Looking at it with pity.
The bow sat in the sand,
Itself looking pretty.

She took it up fast.
"Is this what you're after?
You could have just asked."
And she broke out with laughter.

The Kepru, confused,
Whimpered soft to her sound.
It tilted its head
And after that it had frowned.

"Here you go," said the Xwee.
"You can have it," she said,
And she placed the prized bow
On top of its head.

"You look hungry," she told it
And took it up in her arm.
"Here, I'll take you home.
I mean you no harm."

The Kepru, it smiled
And snugged to her neck.
It sighed with a comfort
And slept all the trek.

And that's how it happened,
How the story was told.
The friends in this tale
Have kept their foothold.

(And, oh, by the way,
I think you should know,
Since all this has happened,
It's returned the bow.

See, it looked at the Xweetok
When she combed her hair,
It looked at her head
And thought it looked bare.)

So this is the finish
Of our kindred tale.
A legend of sorts
In their hearts will prevail.

And they'll be together
After that kind amend.
All because of that bow,
They're friends to the end.

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