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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Kitty
Owner: munden22
Pet Name: Sheridynn
Breed: Taigar

About Kitty:
I used to rule Geraptiku. No Neopian inhabited the tiny village after it had been abandoned, leaving it to the rule of the strongest. Though I wasn't the largest of the Petpets, I was the most fierce.

The merchants came along during the third month of my rule. They set up excavation sites and opened up the abandoned tomb to the public. Before too long, my fellow Petpets were forced into hiding from the Outsiders. We lasted off the land in the woods for quite a while -- about eight rises of the moon -- before the Outsiders found us.

The Outsider who took my tribe stuck us in a crudely built shack. We were thrown into metal cages that I spent days gnawing on, to no avail. I would like to say that the Outsider running the shop fed us or kept our homes clean, but I only saw him when he came to drop off more prisoners.

I had spent only two weeks in the Petpet Shop, watching Neopians bustle in and out with their new "companions" under their arms. Many of my tribe were gone by the time a stern-looking Gelert ambled into the shop.

He scanned the cages, appearing entirely bored until he laid his dark eyes on me. I stepped out from the corner of my cage, flashing the Gelert a snarl. My fur stood on end, the feral sound ripping from my chest. The Gelert hardly winced at my ferocity, but I saw something that resembled appreciation appear in his eyes. I turned to head back to my corner, only to hear the sound of Neopoints clanking at the bottom of a tin can. Next thing I knew, the rusted metal bars were pulled away from my cage, and I was taken into the Gelert's mouth by the scruff of my neck.

I put up a fight, but Rezidon, which I later learned was the Gelert's name, was the toughest of his family. During the long journey back to his home, I realised two things. One, that I was probably supposed to be this monster's Petpet and two, that I was finally free of the Shop. I wasn't sure if either of these were supposed to be considered "good." You can imagine my surprise when I was dropped into the home to find myself face-to-face with a pair of big brown eyes.

Turns out, I had been a gift for Sheridynn all along. Rez and Utoz had thought it funny to give her the Petpet most likely to ignore her pleas for play time and naps. Of course, I never expected to settle into her baby patterns either... but here I am.

I'm Sheridynn's closest companion, affectionately named "Kitty." Now, she's only a baby... what did you expect? I now spend my days playing tag and curling under my favourite Gelert's paw, as opposed to hunting out in the wild or pining away behind metal bars. The life that I have with Sheridynn is a far cry from the one that I grew up in, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Rezidon and Utoz tend to ignore my existence, but I can't complain. They're too much like the old me for my liking, anyway. Their Petpets, however, Holly and Crank, have grown very close to me over the past few months. They call me "Kit," which I like to think suits me fine. Crank is from the same shop that I was rescued from, arriving at the home only a few weeks after my own arrival. Holly, on the other hand, is sweet and cheerful and always knows how to brighten a sour mood. She's a lot like Sheridynn in that way.

After leading a band of rogues and fighting out on my own for so long, I like to think that this family is exactly what I need. And Sheridynn? She'll always be my best friend, even if sharing toys gets a little dull.

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