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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: LusterStreak
Owner: tealnova_dragon
Pet Name: Cloudy_Airheart
Breed: Faerie Kazeriu

About LusterStreak:
Rumour has it that we, the species called Kazeriu, only appear to those who believe in us. Hogwash, that's what I call it. We have not an ounce of magic. We have no ability to be invisible, no fire-breathing tactics, and no amount of cleverness will prevent us from being stuffed into Fanciful Fauna, sold to the highest bidder.

I live in Shenkuu, of course. Only the tall spires of cloud-reaching mountains will ever provide us with the breezy freedom that we are so known for. I'm called LusterStreak. I'm the fastest, most majestic flyer in my colony, I'll have you know.

And yes, I'm one of the Kazeriu still living wild. I loved it, being so free that is. Flying through the misty, ancient mountains, hearing my echoes, and doing whatever I pleased, it felt like no one could tell me what to do.

Recently, however, more and more Petpet poachers have been daring to climb the dangerous cliffs of my home, hoping to catch a glimpse of the rare Kazeriu and put them in Fanciful Fauna. Shenkuu has become quite the tourist attraction, I've heard. So much, in fact, that the more enthusiastic tourists want to take a piece of Shenkuu home with them. Most of them want to bring home a Petpet. Most of those who want a Petpet want a Kazeriu, something rare, exotic, and everlastingly beautiful.

Pah! They'll never catch me. I'm always too fast. I'm the best of the best. I'm LusterStreak. The most they'll see of me is the rainbow flash of my tail before I whizz away.

One day, though, my entire lifestyle changed. It started like any other. I was flying joyously though the morning fog like I do every morning when I suddenly smashed headfirst into a creature. The grandest story of my life just began.

"Oww oww! That reaaally hurt!" A soft female voice broke through my own dizzy thoughts. As my gaze focused, it made out the form of a faerie Shoyru wearing a fancy yellow flower dress. Alarm went through me at once. What did she want so high in the mountains?

"Ohh goodness, I'm so sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going!" she apologised at once. Her voice sounded city-like and aristocratic, not the cultured tones of a native Shenkuu denizen. I was angry at once.

Get out of here! I snarled mentally. It's unfortunate that Petpets do not speak. This is my land. You don't belong here at all. I tried to look aggressive. I hissed at her. She must have understood me, for she started to speak.

"No wait," she pleaded. "I just wanted to see the mountains. I want to fly to the top. Please? I'll leave as soon as I get a little peek."

I snarled at her more. Obviously a "No."

She looked crushed, and then I felt really bad. She looked so harmless, all dainty shoes and satin bows.

"Please?" she whispered. "I hate living in Faerieland. I just want to enjoy some time in Shenkuu."

I knew I was being too soft, but I grudgingly agreed. My one condition was that I tag along, making sure she stuck to her word.

She introduced herself as Cloudy, and as we went along, she was so eager, so happy, and so obviously enjoying the Shenkuu landscape, that I found myself showing her all my favourite places. We flew to the top of the mountain, but I didn't make her leave. She and I became fast friends as I loosened up and began laughing along with her with every new discovery she made. She was just an amazing Neopet, so knowledgeable even though she never grew up here. I knew I would miss her when she went back to Faerieland. I promised that she would be my first and last Neopet friend. It was just too dangerous to make friends with everyone that came up to the mountains.

The day ended, and I took her down to the base of the mountain to say goodbye.

Cloudy tearfully threw her arms around me and gave me a big hug, sniffed, and drew back. And that was when it happened.

While my guard was down, a Purple Sticky Hand came out of nowhere and wrapped around my body. It was wrenched tight, and suddenly I could barely breathe. Panic and alarm went through me as I struggled to loosen the bonds.

Harsh laughter rang around me. A burly Scorchio flew over to Cloudy to pat his sooty black hand on her back. "Well, thanks Cloudy! We've been after this one for weeks. They call him LusterStreak. Worth a nice pile of Neopoints. We couldn't have done it without you!" From behind him came the ringing laughter of the rest of his poacher gang.

My eyes went wide, and I felt my heart twist as the betrayal sank in. Was she with him? I couldn't believe it.

"Konrad." I froze at her tone. It was icy and bitter. "Release him right now."

He just let out a barking laugh. "You, Cloudy, need to go back to Faerieland. Leave me to do my job." He yanked on the Purple Sticky Hand, and I wheezed painfully. My heart soared with relief, however, when Cloudy defended me.

"I'm only saying this once."

He just sneered at her. "Make me."

Then, to my utter disbelief, she reached into her frilly, cutesy pocket, and pulled out... I felt my eyes boggle... a Dark Nova. She slowly opened her hand, and the Dark Nova spun once, twice, took an elegant leap out of her fingers... and did its job.

I found myself free, with pieces of the Purple Sticky Hand scattered around me.

Konrad backed off a little, warily watching the Nova advance menacingly. The rest of his group fled.

Cloudy didn't wait to see what would happen; she swept me into her arms, and flew back up the mountain.

"I'm sorry," she said miserably. "It's all my fault. I shouldn't have come."

I nudged her palm, showing her it wasn't her fault. Her show of friendship had fired me up, and I knew I would like nothing more than to spend more time just laughing and playing with her. This time, she wasn't just a tourist that would leave at the end of the day. She was my new owner, and she would move to Shenkuu, just so we could both be at the place with tall heights and breezy summits, perfect for both of us.

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