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Petpet Name: Shymmer and Shyne
Owner: larkspurlane
Pet Name: Glymmer
Breed: Skree

About Shymmer and Shyne:
I tell you a tale of friendship:

A friendship begun under skies remote,
Bright starry heights on a summer night --
I tell you a tale of friendship
That has since endured
Over quiet winters, bright autumns, and Triumphant springs...

My tale begins with a faerie Lenny
Winging his solitary way
Above Mystery Island's scattered archipelago,
Those isles that adorn the green tropical sea
Like a careless string of jewels
Strung together by
White ribbons of beach.
A faerie Lenny, Glymmer by name,
Who flew the endless bounds of those tropical skies,
Swept along by balmy winds, and hearing sometimes,
from that great height, the echo,
Far below, of wavelets curling from shore to shore,
And leaving behind bubbling lines of seafoam
Like a lasting caress on the moon-white sands.

Suddenly there came from below
A tune sung lively and long,
Its notes mingling with wave-song like pearls,
And sounding, sweet wish, across the islands.
And Glymmer's silent wings hesitated, and halted,
And down he plunged, following the tune,
And landed upon the smallest jungled isle,
Wings stirring the dewy undergrowth with
A breath of sky.

A quiet glade there was there, deep and green,
And screened on all sides by forest boughs
And their criss-crossing shadows under
The milky light of the moon -- and Glymmer stepped
Between root-curl and tree-leaf,
And creeping tendril and vine,
Brushed a branch, sprinkled dew in a white-gold shower,
And caught a glimpse of a creature rare and retreating;
The ever-elusive Skree.

There was a moment when the curving tail
and hooked beak, and the fierce eye's sun-flash,
Would warn Glymmer of approaching further --
But song had brought one to the other,
And song would link them together,
As Glymmer whistled a cheerful half-tune,
And invited the solitary Skree out of his dim woods,
To join him in flight through skies dotted with quicksilver,
And find a new life in wind-beats above,
To caress dawn-drawn clouds with wings extended,
And fly swift and strong over the heart of the world.

And the Skree took the name Shymmer,
And left his leaf-quenched grove
On that small jungled isle in the jewel-bright seas,
And Shymmer joined Glymmer,
And became a wind-wanderer,
And since that fateful day they have never ceased
To roam together, weightless amongst
Curling clouds, and to race cooling winds
High above the Lost Desert and its
Crushing noontime heat,
To tumble down into Krawk Island's restless seas
Reflecting a blue arc of sky, into
Briny wave-crests sun-filled and golden,
Masters of the waves and the skies --
And they have never ceased
To dance like dust-motes in the slow-whirling
Vastness of darkening spring skies,
Above the young pastures,
And gentle slopes of Meridell,
To twirl rapturously above the white marvel
Of Terror Mountain's wintry peaks and its
Glaciers ancient and serene
Amidst snowflakes falling thick as feathers,
A thousand feet above the ground,
To float in fresh air streams,
Carried along in a pensive dream
Above the downy curls of Faerieland's cloudscape,
Two wind-wanderers on the wing.

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