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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Giavana
Owner: circeanbeauty
Pet Name: Orevi
Breed: Seti

About Giavana:
"Giavana, get out of there this instant!" You hear a shadow Kau shout at you.

Strange, you think. Why in Neopia would that Kau tell you to get out of Neopia Central? You've never met her before, and why is she calling you 'Giavana'?

Then suddenly, from the pocket of your Fancy Frock Coat, a little Seti jumps out, with something that looks mysteriously like your Wind Up Pocket Watch dangling from its tiny mouth.

When you reach into your pocket to see if your watch is still there you look, mouth agape, as the little Seti and Kau start walking away, the pocket watch still dangling from its mouth. As you grope frantically in your pocket, you realise that that is your watch and they're sauntering away with it as if they were the ones who'd fought tooth and nail for it helping in the discovery of Moltara.

"Hey! You there! With the Seti! Stop, I need to talk to you!" you gasp as you run, trying to catch up with them before you lose them in the crowd.

You're not sure if they can hear you or not, but nonetheless they keep marching forward, until they turn sharply into what seems to be a hidden alleyway. Your stomach churning, feeling slightly nervous, you keep following them, turning at the spot they turned, and as soon as you're around the corner, you see them huddled together a little ahead. They are in front of a big brick wall, both of them nearly blending into the darkness of the alley; if you hadn't known that they turned there, you wouldn't have realised they were there at all.

"Excuse me," you murmur quietly, taking a tentative step forward, with one paw held up in a gesture of peace, "but it seems as if your Petpet has taken my pocket watch, and seeing as it is a rather sentimental item to me, I would love it if I could have it back."

It seems as if, at this point, neither the Seti nor the Kau knew you were there, for they both whip their heads around in surprise at the sound of your voice.

"Oh, I'm ever so sorry," the Kau replies in one of the most polite voices you've ever heard. "I've only recently acquired Giavana here, and she has yet to learn the rules of polite Neopian society. I found her one night outside of the food shop -- scavenging for leftovers, I assumed -- and when I walked toward her, she seemed to have no fear, which was strange for an abandoned Petpet. I stroked her head, and after that, she started following me around. We've been together ever since."

You nod your head, not paying particular attention to the story, only staring at your pocket watch, which the Seti seems to be laying on, nonchalant about what was going on between its owner and yourself.

Suddenly, realising something, the Kau sticks her hoof out. "Oh my Fyora, please excuse my manners. My name is Orevi."

Then, as you're reaching out to shake her hoof, she bends down, whispering something into the Seti's ear, throwing you off-balance.

"Giavana is very sorry for taking your pocket watch; she had no idea it was yours," Orevi says, standing up straight again.

"It was in my pocket," you answer, dumbfounded.

"Well, like I said, she still doesn't know the proper etiquette of Neopian society," she replies again, though this time, she seems less sure of herself and more nervous.

"Giavana, please give the nice Neopian back her watch. What did I tell you about taking things that aren't yours?"

The Seti gives a high-pitched chirp, which causes you to jump, confusing you. Surely such a sly-looking Petpet couldn't possibly make such an adorable noise, but it seems as if she has.

Staring at the Seti with an incredulous expression on your face, you watch as she jumps into your pocket, your golden watch dangling from her mouth, and you feel the weight of it as she drops it in your pocket.

Once she hops out, she goes to stand next to Orevi, looking at you with intelligent eyes. Feeling as if your time here is over, you murmur a thanks and turn around to leave, feeling the piercing glare of the Seti still on you.

Once you've left the alleyway and you're back in the crowd, you reach in your pocket, wanting to see what time it is. What you pull out of your pocket leaves your mouth agape.

Dropping the Gormball Necklace in the middle of the street, you turn around and run back to the alleyway only to find that the two thieves have left, leaving nothing behind in their wake.

You mope around, hunched over, grumpily thinking of the two clever and sly creatures you've just met. The Seti's sleek frame is a particularly strong image in your mind. You vow that in the future you will be more careful, and the next time you meet such a Seti as that one, you plan to search it in hopes of finding your beloved Wind Up Pocket Watch.

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