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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Biscuit
Owner: drama_freak4
Pet Name: Aurelyenne
Breed: Kepru

About Biscuit:
It was your normal Neopian day in a normal Neopian's home. The sun was shining, the Pteris were singing, and everything was, by definition, completely and absolutely perfect. Well, all except for one very important little thing.

Aurelyenne, a two-year-old baby Aisha, was missing.

When her big sister Fay went to wake up the little tot for the morning, she was horrified to discover the bed was empty. With panic ripe in her eyes, Fay woke everyone else in the house, and they searched every inch of the neighbourhood. Unfortunately, they found no sign of Aure.

They spent their day in tears, worried sick, while Aure spent her day exploring and playing. She'd crawled out of her little pink bed, out the open window, and into the sparkling velvet cover of night. She crawled and wobbled through Neopia Central, passing the closed shops with curiosity and wonder glowing brightly in her eyes. Somehow, the little Aisha ended up in the Marketplace and wandered into an abandoned shop. Behind the dusty counter, a very small Kepru peeked out and grinned at Aure.

Instantly, the child caught the Petpet's eye, and squealed in excitement. "Puppy!" Aure cried out, giggling and reaching for the Kepru, her hands opening and closing happily. The little peach-pink Petpet made a sound that resembled a laugh and began to walk toward Aure, hiding behind things and peeking out as she went, sending the child into a fit of excited giggles.

All little Aure saw when she looked at the precious Kepru was a Petpet, but an older Neopet would have noticed that the poor thing was dirty and very hungry. She looked abandoned and neglected, just like the shop itself.

Aure made cute little baby noises, and the Kepru wandered close enough to sniff the child's fingers. After deciding that she was safe, the tiny Kepru jumped into the child's lap and licked her cheek lovingly.

"Biscuit! Biscuit!" Aure squealed happily, hugging the Petpet close to her heart.

Once she let the newly named Kepru go, it scurried around the shop and picked up a miniature beaded necklace that matched the one around her neck. However, since Aure was of course a toddler, it fit perfectly around her tiny left wrist.

"Tank you!" Aure said sweetly, kissing Biscuit's head softly.

They played and played in the abandoned shop until twilight fell, scurrying through the dust and laughing up a storm. A young Gelert heard them playing while shopping with his owner, and ran off to see what was going on.

When his owner found him, she, of course, also found Aure and Biscuit. By now, the nearby neighbourhoods and larger shops were plastered in posters of Aure, and the owner recognised her instantly.

She picked up the toddler with one arm, who clung to her Kepru tightly, and took her Gelert's hand in her free one.

Once they reached Aure's house, her siblings burst out the door in tears. "Aure!" "Sis!" "Angel!" She was lifted from the kind owner's arms and greeted with kisses, hugs, and an overflowing amount of happiness. Fay thanked the Gelert's owner over and over, before she left with a smile, holding her Gelert close.

That was when Fay's attention fell to the Kepru wrapped tightly in Aure's arms. "Where'd you get. . .her?" she asked, hoping to not accidentally be calling the Petpet by the wrong gender. Biscuit grinned, and Aure giggled.

"Store!" she said with a gigantic smile.

Fay's eyes widened, and her jaw dropped. "You stole her?!" she cried out angrily, shock obvious in her voice.

Aure looked at her sister with confusion, and held up Biscuit for her to see. "Biscuit alone. I rescue!

"Well," Fay began with a pause, looking Biscuit up and down as she realised that Aure wasn't lying, "she did keep you safe and out of trouble, and from getting too far from home.... do you want to keep her?"

With a gasp Aure hugged Biscuit to her heart tightly. "Mine!" she cried out, pouting slightly. Obviously, the little Kepru meant a lot to the Aisha, and the poor thing looked like it could use a home.

"Well, all right, Aure. You can keep her," Fay said with a smile, kissing the child's forehead lovingly. "Just promise me you won't run off again," she added after a moment, laughing softly as the family went back inside the house -- this time closing the childrens' windows before they went to bed.

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