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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Koroviev
Owner: skro
Pet Name: dr_scops
Breed: Calabat

About Koroviev:
"Curses," you say to yourself, having just climbed all the way to the top of Terror Mountain for the sole purpose of checking out the famous garage sale you've heard so much about, only to find the place completely sold of everything. Apparently this is not an usual turnout, but you still feel irked about all that time and energy you wasted climbing up the Fyora-forsaken mountain.

You look around the desolate landscape, trying to find some way to make the trip not a complete waste, when a crazy-eyed, bandy-legged Christmas Bori falls out of a tree right next to you. Startled, you jump backward and land right on a small red creature who lets out a blood-curdling shriek.

"Oh, you've found my Koroviev, you have! Thank you, thank you, I've been searching all over for him since 4 o'clock this morning when I decided to take out the trash and accidentally left the sun-roof open! I left slime sandwiches out all over the mountain, trying to lure the little devil, but as luck would have it they all got eaten by some precariously misplaced Moltenores. Can I get you anything for your troubles? Some Sand Snowballs, perhaps? An Evil Coconut? Some Tongue and Veggies? No? You look cold -- I've just the thing! A nice, hot cup of Borovan! Yes, yes, come, I'll get that going right away!"

Before you have a chance to say anything, the Bori leads you by the arm down into a burrow dug out a few feet away in the snow.

"My name is Doctor Scops, by the way, pleased to meet you, and this little fellow is Koroviev." He gestures to the Calabat hissing menacingly at your right ankle. "Sweet little fellow, a bit dense but a wonderful companion nonetheless. I picked him up from a mysterious Krawk drifter in the Haunted Woods some time ago. Nice chap, a little on the eccentric side," *He* was eccentric?, you think, "but a nice fellow overall. Yes, here you are" He hands you a steaming cup of what looks like completely harmless Borovan, but you decide not to drink just in case.

"Koroviev here is my little helper. I'm a bit of a scientist, you see, a chemist more like, and while not the brightest Petpet in the pack, he's got a wonderful sense of smell and being able to glide with his ears and all, he's great with fetching me my chemicals, most of which cannot be told apart by sight or consistency... or sound or taste, for that matter!"

He glances behind him at a huge shelving unit that expands all the way up the burrow, full to the top with clear liquid filled bottles in all shapes and sizes. "Quite a lot of help, he is."

The Calabat finally directs his attention from your ankle and flaps his large ears, fluttering over to rest in Scops's lap. He lets out a soft purr, then raises his eyes to meet yours, his huge black pupils giving you a startling and altogether unpleasant feeling of staring right into your soul.

"Well, I best be off then," you manage to say weakly. "Thanks for the Borovan-"

"Thank YOU for finding my Petpet," Scops interrupts gleefully.

"Oh, uh, you're very welcome. Bye now!" You set the cup down quickly and proceed hastily to the burrow entrance.

While not quite the event I was looking for, it was an interesting way to pass the time, I guess, you think to yourself, trying to shake the image of the Calabat's huge staring eyes from your head.

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