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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Tolovan II
Owner: fidele
Pet Name: Kezhali
Breed: Alabriss

About Tolovan II:
Tolovan II had always felt rather unappreciated. The minute he'd been given to his new owner he was not given his own name, but had simply been named after her last Petpet. The 'favourite' Petpet.

'WHERE IS MY KRAWK?!' Kezhali had cried, looking at this new Alabriss that had been thrust upon her.

'We just couldn't afford to look after your Krawk anymore, Kez. He was eating us out of house and home! This Alabriss is a lot cheaper and only eats grass. You'll learn to love him just as much, I promise!'

But Kezhali was stubborn and wasn't going to be won so easily. Her Krawk had been named Tolovan, and she named her Alabriss Tolovan II.

'Because you're second best to the REAL Tolovan,' she would say to the poor Alabriss.

Tolovan II felt very sorry for himself for a while, but followed his owner around like a good little Petpet. He took her constant jeering in good humour and hoped that some day she'd grow to like him for who HE was. But that day never seemed to come, and Tolovan II began to get sulky.

When the day came that Tolovan II finally decided to stop following Kezhali around, Kez was taken by surprise.

'Tolovan II! Where are you?' she shouted irritably. 'I don't have time for this!'

She would find him sleeping or grooming himself or grazing usually.

'Come on, Tolovan II, I want to visit a friend on Mystery Island today!'

He would look at Kez and snort, then turn his back. He'd gotten used to feeling alone, he didn't care anymore.

'Well, fine, I'll go by myself then!' Kez retorted and stormed off.

But somehow her travels weren't the same. Her day wasn't as fun, and she felt almost... empty. Kezhali suddenly realised that she DID care. She thought that Tolovan II had been a burden to her all this time... but he'd actually become a companion that she was very fond of. She'd taken him for granted and been mean to him because she missed her old Petpet. But now she had nothing, when she could have had a brand-new friend to love. She'd made a terrible mistake.

She rushed back home to find Tolovan II.

'Tolovan! Tolovan I missed you! I'm so sorry for what I did! Please can you forgive me?'

Tolovan II's eyes welled up with tears. He looked around to see if some kind of cruel joke was being played on him, but it was just him and Kez, and Kez was...crying!

'I do love you Tolovan. I'm so sorry I was mean to you. I should have realised that you weren't just a replacement Petpet -- you were a new friend. And I don't want to lose you.'

Tolovan II hesitated for a second, but then rushed forward and jumped into Kezhali's arms, his heart welling up with joy. Kezhali held onto him and hugged him tightly for a moment and then sat down on the floor with him.

'It's going to be different now, Tolovan, I promise.'

And it was. Kezhali and Tolovan II finally began learning how much they had in common, and their friendship grew and grew. They both had their stubborn moments, and their fights -- but there was no more hostility between them.

Kezhali understands now that a new Petpet does not necessarily just mean the loss of one friend. It means the making of another.

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