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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Wiggles
Owner: Snapesblossom
Pet: Nemo_10560
Breed: Warf

About Wiggles:

A Warf and his Gelert
(This interview has been translated from Warf to Gelert speech, because I doubt many people over neopia understand Warf yips unless they own one)

Rubeusbeaky: So how about you introduce yourselves.

Nemo: Well, I am Nemo the strawberry gelert. I live with snapesblossom and our family of four very competitive Neopets, but my best friend, I would have to say, out of everyone, is my this little guy *pats Wiggles the warf* This is Wiggles, he is not a painted warf, but I still think of him as the best warf in all of neopia.

Wiggles: *high fives* Thanks mate, you're a pretty cool gelert yourself.

Rubeusbeaky: How did you two meet?

Nemo: Rather embarrassing really. See, I was out with snapesblossom buying some armor. We weren't really preparing for battle; we were just browsing for things. Snapesblossom had won a few gelert items from the snowager and other places and had kept them in a box. I was ferreting through them, and had a stereo playing in the background. I was singing to one of my favorite songs when one of the helmets started moving. I lifted the top and found this little bloke dancing underneath and went sprinting around the neohome yelling "Mum, MUM! I found a puppy! Can I keep him?"

Wiggles: Snapesblossom's just looked at my pet-

Rubeusbeaky: I'm sorry, your pet?

Nemo: That's what he says, he'll never accept that he's the pet and I'm the owner. He thinks it's the other way around.

Wiggles: Anyways, she just looked at my pet, and then at me, and from our matching pink tongues to our watery black eyes she just melted and said I could stay.

Rubeusbeaky: And things have been happy ever sense?

Wiggles: Oh no, we've had our share of troubles.

Nemo: Oh ya, like last years Gadgadsbogen.

Rubeusbeaky: Well what happened? Details!

Nemo: Well the whole reason he's named Wiggles is because-

Wiggles: I love to dance! Which is why I insisted my pet take me to the party last year. I wanted to hula all night long!

Nemo: And we did party pretty late. So late we missed our ferry home.

Rubeusbeaky: My goodness. What did you do?

Wiggles: My pet got very frightened and started chasing down the coast after it. I realized it would have to come back eventually, and decided to go back to the party and just catch a later ferry.

Nemo: When I turned around my buddy was gone, and I felt like for the first time I was really alone. I'm used to having snapesblossom and her three other pets and all their petpets as company, so this was really scary for me.

Wiggles: The party was on top of a large hill, and I was sitting on a table, pouring myself some more punch, and looking over the side of the hill. I suddenly realized my pet had not followed me back to the party, but had accidentally stumbled into the jungle, and I was watching as he was coming too close to a rocky shore-

Rubeusbeaky: The rock pool? But surely that's just a petpet shop-

Nemo: To you it's a rock pool. To a tiny warf it looked like certain death.

Wiggles: I was so frightened. I ran to the DJ and asked him to play my favorite song-

Nemo: The one I had found him to-

Wiggles: And I cranked it up so loud that my pet turned around. He saw me dancing on the tabletop and came running straight back to me.

Nemo: I had been really lost for awhile, and so afraid, but Wiggles saved my life.

Wiggles: It would have been a horrible life without you mate. *The two hug*

Rubeusbeaky: Well there it is, this oddly plain looking warf actually has the heart of a hero in him. Thank you Nemo, and thank YOU, Wiggles.

The End

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