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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: lil_lala
Owner: lil_sugar_mint
Pet Name: lil_sophie_bubbles
Breed: Lutra

About lil_lala:

I've always wanted a taste of adventure, but the Kougra at the Rock Pool kept telling us to stay in our tanks.

"There's nothing out there, see? Just stay in your tanks, wait for someone to pick you up, and life will be good."

But I did not listen. None of us Lutras ever do. We love to explore too much. That's why you can hardly ever see us at the Rock Pool; we're never there. But anyway, back to my story.

I was planning to escape. It was noon, the busiest time of day. I could hear voices being raised. That was my cue; haggling could take quite a while. I leapt out of my tank and wiggled into the ocean, into freedom. Ah... the warm rays of sun filtering through the sea... the cool water lapping against me... the gentle waves softly swaying back and forth. Yeah right.

At first it was all so wonderful. I swam and swam in the vast Neopian ocean, almost expecting to bump into a glass wall but never did. I'd never been so far away from the shore before and felt as if I were on the biggest adventure ever.

But my bubble of happiness did not last long. Suddenly, I felt myself being helplessly sucked under the water. Deeper and deeper. Spinning round and round. It was a whirlpool. I tried to swim off. As a matter of fact, I tried really, really hard, my flippers getting sore and bruised as I rammed into little bits of rock and shells forced along for the ride.

Just as I was about to give in, I spotted some sort of huge underwater cave, and using the very last of my strength, I managed to push myself out of the strong currents of the whirlpool and into the cave.

I sighed in relief as I looked around. It was quite an odd cave. There were a bunch of Neopets squashed on a mini pier-like thing above the water, holding their fishing rods, staying still and quiet, waiting for fish to come bite at their bait. My stomach growled. I had just noticed that I'd missed my lunch as well as my afternoon snack, but thing was, I didn't know what to do. I'd always been paw-fed before this, so when a fish that looked strangely like a loaf of bread swam past me, I had no idea what to do. But when hunger finally got the best of me and another fish swam past (this time looking as if it were carved out of butter) I lunged at it, catching it quickly.

I came out of the water and saw that the Neopets were still there, all of them starting to chatter and making loud noises except for one, a Flotsam, still sitting there silently and patiently, waiting for a catch. She was plain and blue, but there was something about her eyes and face that made her seem kind and more likable.

I decided to ignore them for the time being as I scanned the water for more fish. And I found one that blended in completely with its surroundings, fluid just like the water. I chased after it for a while until I decided to surface again. There were hardly any Neopets left.

I heard two Peophins chatting as they were leaving.

"Poor thing, she's been sitting there for over an hour now, but still hasn't gotten a single catch. Not even a bit of algae."

"And she's been trying so hard, too."

I turned to see who they were talking about. It was the blue Flotsam, still sitting there, looking as determined as ever.

I dove under again as a fish with legs ran, yes, ran past me, on the underwater floor. This one was a lot harder to catch; I had to dodge the rotten boots and sneakers, but I still managed to catch it. Then, I swam up to the blue Flotsam. She didn't notice me at first, but when I nibbled her flippers, she turned and her eyes lit up, and a smile replaced her frustrated frown.

I did a couple of tricks with the fish with legs, which resulted in a lot of giggling from both of us until it ran away, but we didn't care at all. We splashed each other, played hide-and-go-seek, and a ton of other games. I loved her already.

The Flotsam never caught a fish that day, but she had found me (or technically I found her) and she brought me back to her home. We always go exploring, from the temples of Shenkuu to the sandy dunes of the Lost Desert. We often visited the Underwater Cave where we first met, sometimes catching something, sometimes not, but it was being there that really mattered. Even on days when we just stayed home, we still manage to find ways to have fun and enjoy what we were doing. And now I know that this is the best adventure I could ever ask for.

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