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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Leftover
Owner: the_color_experiment
Pet Name: MedicatedNonsense
Breed: Gobbler

About Leftover:
The Homeless Pet Petpet Recovery program, or HPPR, was renowned for allowing homeless pets to play with Petpets for a few days. Sometimes, if the two got along well, the Petpets would stay with the pets forever.

Leftover was a Gobbler who had been in HPPR for a long time. She loved making pets at the Pound feel better, but after being in HPPR for five years, she was the only Petpet not to be taken in. Leftover never pecked at eyes, allowed baby pets to pull her feathers as roughly as they wanted, and never caused trouble for anyone, but it was hard to express herself, so pets took her attitude as nonchalant.

Being in HPPR wasn't so bad, though. Leftover felt that she had a place in the program, caring for the abandoned, and teaching new Petpets how to behave.

It was a cold morning at the Pound. Pets were drinking steaming soup donated by the Soup Faerie while HPPR Petpets warmed their laps. Younger pets wrestled with the Petpets, laughing for the first time since they had been abandoned. Leftover supervised and made sure that the Petpets didn't get too rough.

"Excuse me."

Leftover turned. A blue Yurble was standing behind her. Like others here at the Pound, his fur was grizzled from lack of hygiene and his clothes were hand-me-downs.

"Could you play with my friend?" the Yurble asked.

Nodding gently, Leftover allowed the Yurble to pick her up. She was taken to the bunk beds. Sitting on the bottom bunk was a red Skeith larger than an average Skeith. The frame of the bed bent under his weight. The Skeith was chewing on the ratty blankets. When he saw the Yurble coming back, the Skeith giggled and hid his face behind his hands.

"Hi, Nonsense, I found a pet for you to play with."

"Gaahh." Nonsense peeked through his fingers. He laughed and picked Leftover up, tossing her up in the air and catching her, then doing it again.

"Hey, be careful. Petpets aren't toys." The Yurble snatched Leftover from the air. "Sorry about that," he said to her. "Nonsense gets very excited and... well, he's been here for a long time. He's better now, though. Here." The Yurble grabbed a cookie from his jacket and gave it to Leftover. "Give him this and he'll love you."

Leftover was set back down on the bed in front of Nonsense. She held the cookie out to him. The Skeith, who had been staring at the cookie since it appeared, took a bite of it the moment Leftover held it out, lifting the Petpet off the bed. Without a sound of alarm or anything else, Leftover hung from the cookie's edge. Nonsense's innocent eyes stared at her. His jaws shifted, breaking off the cookie outside of his mouth. Leftover bounced on the bed, holding a crescent-shaped piece cookie. She tried giving Nonsense what was left of the cookie, but he shook his head and nudged it toward her with his muzzle.

"Nonsense can be very rowdy," the Yurble said, "but I'm the only thing he has, and he needs me. I think he needs you, too. Can you stay?"

Eating some of the cookie, Leftover nodded, agreeing with everything the Yurble said.

"Great. I'll go see the HPPR."

"Petpet," Nonsense giggled. He sniffed Leftover's red tail feathers and nibbled the black tips.

Not feeling confident about this action, Leftover rubbed her beak on Nonsense's nose. To her surprise, the Skeith returned the gesture by swiping his tongue across every feather and giving her a suffocating hug.

"Maeehhh," the Skeith laughed and rubbed Leftover against his cheek. "Love Petpet."

Smiling, Leftover gave Nonsense a friendly scratch behind the ear. Her time with the HPPR was now over. She belonged to this helpless creature, and when Nonsense and the Yurble were finally adopted, she lived with them, forever happy.

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