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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Agni
Owner: esspockyh8b
Pet Name: Demon_Obi
Breed: Red Anubis

About Agni:
Uh oh. Now that's certainly ironic. You seem to be lost in the Lost Desert. Not a landmark in sight, either. If you could only see Coltzan's Shrine, maybe you could get back to Sakhmet...

You search your bag for food, but only find a Burnt Grackle Bug on a Stick. Thanks a lot, Coltzan.

You weren't that hungry before, but knowing that you have nothing suddenly makes it worse. But wait -- what is that in the distance? Could it be...a Grackle-Stuffed Turkey?!

No, unfortunately, it's a Petpet -- an Anubis, to be exact. Instead of the usual blue colour, its fur is a fiery red. Just as you're thinking that you could still probably eat it, it turns tail and flees. Naturally, you follow. For a while. This tasty morsel -- er, lovely little Petpet -- won't get away so easily.

Oh look! An outcropping of rock, shade included! How fortunate -- now you probably won't have to eat that tasty little Anubis... probably.

The Anubis, for its part, runs right into the arms of a figure sitting in the shade. Once your eyes adjust to the dark, you clearly see a Wocky with the same coloured fur as the Anubis. She looks at you curiously.

"Found 'em, eh Agni?" she laughs, petting the Petpet.

She glances back up at you, eyebrow raised. "If you'll just sit down and stop eyeing my pet like a turkey dinner, I'll get you something to eat."

You sit down compliantly and happily eat the food brought to you, despite the sand that seems ingrained in every bite. You look up at the Wocky, who is staring back just as intently.

"My name is Obi," she says with a smile. "I see you've met Agni, the rescue Anubis."

In response to your confused look, she chuckles, "You know those pets that rescue Neopians buried in avalanches on Terror Mountain? Agni is a bit like that, except in the desert."

She gestures to a small, dusty radio in the corner. "We heard a report that a tourist got lost northwest of Qasala, so I sent him out to find you. He usually brings a jug of water, but, uh... I forgot." In response to your glare, she adds, "But I don't usually! Agni and I have a pretty good track record, you know."

You look at the red Anubis with a new sense of appreciation, but he's busy sleeping by now. Guess your frantic, half-mad chasing tired him out.

"Agni and I met about five years ago," Obi says with a sigh. You sense she's getting into flashback mode, but you keep quiet. "He was always a lazy little thing, you know? Runt of the litter, only one that was red. Still, I loved him from the start."

She points to the wall, pointing out a few old map scrolls. "I travel the desert collecting scrolls, and I started to bring Agni with me. And for some reason, every time we went, this little guy seemed to find some wayward traveller off the beaten path. That's when I realised that he had a talent all his own."

Obi smiles at the still sleeping Anubis. "He is a tad lazy, though. That's a problem from time to time."

"Anyway, I've arranged for someone to come pick you up, so you can relax," she says, pouring you a new cup of tea. You could have sworn that a Grackle Bug fell out of the kettle into your cup, but she quickly empties the cup before you can see.

Soon enough a dusty desert caravan pulls up to the little rock cave, full of shady-looking characters. You throw a panicked glance at Obi, but she only laughs.

"Oh, don't worry! These sketchy-looking gypsies are actually my friends. They'll take you back to Qasala safely."

You really have no choice but to trust her at this point. As you are helped up onto the wagon by an Aisha with no front teeth, you glance back. Obi has gone back to her radio, probably listening for another report. Agni has woken up and is dutifully seeing you off, staring up at you intelligently.

You smile warmly at them. It would be nice to see them again someday.

...you know, without being lost first.

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