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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Yori
Owner: emo_kitty_93
Pet Name: Casirus
Breed: Darigan Faellie

About Yori:
She was an odd one all right. It was dark, almost a quarter after 11, and she stood in front of me without a trace of fear in her eyes. Given she was also completely alone in one of the lesser loved cities of Neopia, this was quite a feat on my terms.

"Now... don't be frightened. Surely nothing can... survive without compassion or love... right?"

I couldn't tell if she was speaking to me, or trying to calm herself. The old Scorchio shopkeeper had warned her about me on her first day. Told her I was unstable and unfit to be sold.

Well, yes, I bit and yes, I scratched, but those Neopets had it coming. I was nobody's pet, I was a Darigan Faellie.

I could see she was debating what to do. If I had to guess, I'd say she was only here because she knew my time was up. I had been here in this shop for a very long time, and as I was a liability, I could no longer stay.

She picked up my cage, causing me to hiss, and set it down on the floor. She frowned and then sat down in front of me.

"You know... I think I might understand you. I mean, could I honestly say I wouldn't act the same way if pompous Draiks and other such Neopians were cramming their faces up to mine everyday? No. I think not... maybe you're just a loner?"

She was nodding and looking around the room as she spoke. Yes... she was an odd one. I don't know why but I didn't feel contempt for her, as I did with other Neopians, but the fact she wasn't trying to grab me or get me to do something cute was comforting.

She went on, "And even though you might not get along well with others, that's no reason to be thrown out like garbage. No, no, no... Maybe..."

She met my gaze and we stayed like that for a while. Then suddenly, she scooped up my cage again and left the shop. Running.

I don't remember when she stopped running, but we were in a dark wood. She plopped down onto the discoloured grass and undid my cage latches. I found myself on the forest floor looking up at her.

She was grinning.

"Well, little guy, I just solved your problem! Out here you can be as mean as you want, and no one will care. You won't scare anyone, and you won't have to live your life stuffed in a tiny little cage."

I was feeling something I had never felt before. Out here among the vast and haunting things I felt... alone.

She had turned to go, so I let out a sort of muffled yip to get her attention. Sure enough, she turned to me and came back.

"My, my, little one. That wasn't a hiss or a snarl! Are you okay?"

I was silent for a moment and contemplated in my mind. If I stayed here in this wood, what would become of me? No food? No water? But... surely it could be no other way.

The girl, I remembered her name was Casi, was eating an apple. She was what Neopians would call an Usul. She wasn't painted any fancy colour, and she didn't wear expensive clothes. She never tried to grab me and she never looked at me with the contempt I knew others must have felt for me.

She was staring at me, and with a piece of apple in her hand she called out to me. Mimicking the same cry I had made earlier. As soon as I turned she threw the apple piece to me.

Stunned, I stood and stared at her. She was muttering some coaxing words to me. I scurried forward and seized the bit of apple. She seemed pleased. How simple these Neopets must be, I thought.

She tore off another bit of apple, and this time held out her hand. I looked at it, wondering if this was some kind of trick. Cautiously I approached her, and gently tugged the apple from her hand.

She made no move to grab me or to hit me away. I looked at the apple in my paws and reached them out to her. She took the apple back from me and ate it.

I smiled and fluttered into the air. I was still unsure of this Casi, but perhaps in time...

"My little Yori. You aren't as bad as they say."

My ears caught the word and turned it over and over again inside of my head.

"Yori, little one, means trust. And it would appear that trust is something we must all learn in our own time."

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