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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Yugi
Owner: dark_kitten1313
Pet Name: Atemu1313
Breed: Cougi

About Yugi:
I feel myself wiggled awake by a strong paw almost the same size as my head, and open my eyes and gaze questioningly at its owner, with sleep in my eyes. I am greeted by a smiling blue-furred face looking down at me. I squeak and hide behind my paws in the way I know pleases my Bori owner so, my round green nose glowing softly. I hear him laugh and peek out from under my paws with a smile. I like it when my owner laughs, it has an almost musical quality to it. I like making him happy, doing those simple tasks expected of Petpets: squeaking, chasing toys, dancing for treats.

He lifts me in his paws and places me on his shoulders, and I hold onto his thick blue fur so I don't fall off. He trots around his bedroom for a while, the pale morning sunlight of the Haunted Woods streaming through the slightly dusted window, a tinge of frost creeping at the corners. I look out the window as best I can, but Atemu sweeps me off his shoulders and places me gently on his pillow, scratching at my belly with his thick, dull claws. I giggle; it tickles! He picks me up again after a moment and cups me in his paws, smiling down at me.

"We're going on an outing today. My big sister is going to take us to Central. Isn't that exciting? Then we get to go to Terror Mountain. That's where we got you, remember?" he said with a smile.

I remembered; I remembered very well. I had been huddled in a ball alongside the other Cougi in the little shop in Happy Valley, when I was lifted rather suddenly by the paws of a blue Bori and cuddled very hard. We were both so much younger then. I wondered what sort of outing it was going to be; we didn't leave the Haunted Woods often, since it was such a long trip to other places. This had to be a special occasion.

Atemu carried me out of the bedroom and into the front room, where a long, shiny green Hissi waited, coiled next to the door. She was toying with a Ghostkerchief around her neck, while a Devilpuss sat dozing on her head. I frowned at the feline. He was so carefree, happy here. He was a native of the Haunted Woods, and was so comfortable among the spooky trees and dark corners. The Hissi looked up when Atemu and I entered the room.

"There you two are. It's time to go, come on. We're going to be late and you know what the lines are like in the afternoon," she said, before slithering out the door, Atemu following.

The journey wasn't a very eventful one; I spent most of the trip playing with Atemu's tail, while he laughed and flicked it around for me to play with. When we arrived at Neopia Central, I skittered onto the Bori's shoulders and looked around at the crowd. Many Neopets of many different kinds were standing in rows, some carting Petpets and little siblings, others alone and looking sort of bored. All of them were clutching strange objects that I hadn't really seen before. I chittered in Atemu's ear and he looked at me, a questioning look on his face. I pointed at one of the objects with a paw, and he smiled.

"That's a paint brush. They're magical items, that do things to Neopets and Petpets," he said. I frowned. That didn't help that much, but was a start.

Soon, we had made our way to the thing we had been waiting for; a massive, majestic pool of glittering water, the surface shimmering many different colours and seeming to glow. I stared at the pool for a moment. It was beautiful, and all the Neopets around the edges seemed to be shimmering like the pool...

I was jolted from my thoughts as Atemu placed me in his sister's arms, and told me he'd be right back with a smile. I squeaked at his retreating back, feeling a little sad; where was he going? Would he be back...? I looked up at the Hissi, who smiled a snakey smile down at me. She patted my head with a scaly hand.

"Don't worry," she said. I worried.

Soon, Atemu was back! I chattered and bounced out of the Hissi's grasp and ran up to him, but stopped when I noticed he looked... different. He was all white all over, and seemed to be... made of snow? I frowned. He picked me up and placed me on his shoulders like he always did, and he felt cold to the touch. I shivered, not from the cold, but from the safe, happy feeling of cold and snow.

"Do you like it, Yugi? I thought you didn't like it that much back at home since you're used to Happy Valley, so I thought you'd like it..." he muttered, seeming unsure, like he needed my approval. I felt my eyes get warm, wet. Tears? He was quiet; waiting for me to react.

I hugged the back of his head. I felt at home.

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