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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Strawberry
Owner: caterait
Pet Name: Kieruu
Breed: Grey Babaa

About Strawberry:
Hi, this is Kieruu speaking. I'm sorry if you were expecting Strawberry. He's right here, but he doesn't feel like talking at the moment. Which is strange, because he seemed so happy about coming. Come on, Strawberry, this is the spotlight for Petpets, not Neopets.

Strawberry doesn't say anything.

I guess I can speak for him. Um, I'll begin at the beginning, then. Strawberry... was given to me a long time ago, he was a prize or something, according to my owner. This was before we knew about the secret laboratory and all that, which means it was a really long time ago. I remember exactly what I said when I got him: "Wow! I am very happy with my new... new... um..."

Strawberry hiccups!

Okay, I can't really remember what he used to be originally. You see, long ago, he was hit by the Lab Ray, just like me, although only once. I used to take him with me to the lab every day, until one day he was transformed into what he is today. After that he didn't want to go back. I didn't force him. That place can be scary; you never know what will happen. It has also become incredibly crowded over the years. Strawberry hates crowds.

Strawberry sticks its tongue out at you.

For a while after the lab incident, Strawberry and I used to hang out a lot. He had more energy those days. Sometimes he would even help me in the Battledome. I appreciated it, but admittedly, he wasn't very strong and I had to make him sit out sometimes. As we went on to challenge stronger opponents, he appeared less and less. I think I might have hurt his feelings. I also I think he was getting old.

Strawberry makes a strange clicking noise.

In any case, he's getting old now. Sometimes he forgets to eat, or just sleeps all day. He also doesn't talk much, which is why I got all excited about bringing him here when he seemed in the mood. I'm sorry that he isn't anymore. Maybe his memory is going.

Strawberry blinks, but doesn't do anything else.

But at least he doesn't forget me. At least, I hope not. Sometimes when I come back from the laboratory, I look different. He always recognises me, though, I'm not sure how. It's very touching. Sometimes it takes a while for him to recognise me, though. So I worry that one day... well... that's not something I want to talk about at the moment.

Strawberry doesn't say anything.

Look at that, he fell asleep again, right in the middle of a speech. Ah, well. It isn't his fault. I should take him home now. Oh, before I do -- you know, when he sleeps he does something weird if you pet him. It makes me think he used to be a kind of Kadoatie-like Petpet. You can try petting him too, come on, he doesn't bite or anything... and he has really soft woolly fur. There...

Strawberry purrs softly.

Hear that? I think it means he's happy.

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