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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Chaos
Owner: ravensley_
Pet Name: Agoniez
Breed: Plushie Spyder

About Chaos:
It is sitting on its web of fine silk. Unmoving for hour upon hour. The Spyder on the web seems smaller than any other Spyder; indeed, it looks about as long as an index finger. But still there is something very frightening about this Petpet despite its benign appearance. Perhaps it is his eyes? They have an eerie glow about them.

A Flightning Bug flies into its net, and the once stationary plushie Petpet moves at lightning speed, wrapping it in a silk cocoon. Its prey has been caught and sedated, but it stills as though listening.

Its eyes harden slightly and taking on a malevolent glint. It seems to smile as it returns to its first location and settles in wait again, not moving.

It only takes a few moments before it hears the noise of branches snapping, hurried footsteps and panting breath. The air thickens with anticipation.

After days of walking through the foggy forest of the Haunted Woods, you arrive before the gates of an old house. Just as you are about to push the rusty gate open and seek sanctuary from the rain, a hooded figure stops you.

"It isn't wise to venture up the path to the Manor," the figure says, pointing at a Spyder's web.

You squint at the web and notice a plushie Spyder. You glance at the figure, as if asking what it is that it means. Seeing no reply and no threat, you go to push the gate.

Again the figure stops you.

"Don't let his lack of movement fool you; behind the harmless look of an adorable plushie lies an evil mind. Chaos is the name of this creature. The fractured psyche of this tiny monster is rarely called in use, but beware should you slight him. He will torment you until he is hungry again. Much like his mistress, he rejoices in pandemonium, but ultimately prefers to be left alone. A night-time hunter, he stays still through the day watching you with those beady eyes of his. Is he asleep or awake? No one really knows...

"All that is known is that this Spyder has long forgotten whether it is a toy or an actual Petpet. Its hunger awakens it and makes it believe it is in fact alive, but then it barely moves and is carried everywhere by its mistress.

"A word of warning: avoid the Haunted Manor, his domain. Even at the crack of dawn it is not safe. For while he is the guardian of this land there are other creatures lurking within."

Seeing the sun rising behind the treetops you push the gate open, disregarding the figure's words.

"You still pay no heed to my warnings? Very well but be wary, proceed with caution, for who knows what atrocities await you..."

The creaking of the old gate is deafening; clearly it hasn't been opened recently or oiled. You proceed on to the unkempt path only to hear a mad cackle from behind you and hear the creaking of the gate as it slams shut.

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