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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Orion
Owner: puffalump10
Pet Name: Kooghera
Breed: Naleap

About Orion:
Here follows the account of a small but unusual petpet, Orion the Naleap.

There was once a time when I spent my days roaming over Shenkuu, singing my songs during the night. Yet I was not happy. I craved more than the sickly sweet blossoms and golden cages. I longed to truly spread my wings and to sing to the whole world. Late one night, one of the flying ships docked at Shenkuu for supplies. My curiosity got the better of me, and I flew in for a closer look. This strange contraption could fly through the sky like the Naleaps?

I perched upon the very peak of the ship to rest a moment. The entire ship was quiet; it seemed the crew had gone ashore on leave. Out of habit, I began to sing into the darkness. Suddenly a figure stood up directly in front of me. It had been sitting in the shadows in the mast. I stopped singing immediately and stared into dark twinkly eyes. This was when I first met Kooghera.

She had an air of mischief but authority around her. I could see that where she went, adventure was sure to follow. Kooghera stood quietly looking up at the stars, and I slowly took up my song once more. She listened for a long time. Eventually hints of dawn began to show in the west, and the crew began to stir on board. She climbed down the ropes and took control of the ship, shouting various directions and orders. I watched the entire time with interest. Then out of the corner of one eye, I noticed slow movement on the docks. I turned to look and saw that a Shenkuu official had taken interest in the ship. His face did not look at all friendly. He was also slowly drawing his sword and remained hidden from the view of the crew.

I flew down to where Kooghera stood at the helm and whistled sharply. She looked at me and smiled vaguely.

"Hello again," she said, "another song already?" I peeped more urgently and flew over to the rail. Kooghera furrowed her brow and followed. I pointed my gaze in the direction of the official, and she immediately realised the danger.

"Weigh the anchor! Hoist the sails! NOW!" she shouted. At the same time she unsheathed her sword and ran to cut the ropes holding the ship to the docks, in order that it might pull away faster. The crew sprang into action, and the ship began drifting upward. The official jumped up and ran toward the end of the dock, screaming for backup. I flew at his face screeching angrily. He threw up his paws, and then it was too late to catch the ship. His orders of retreat faded as I returned to the ship. I flew to the helm where Kooghera stood once more. She smiled when she saw me.

"I do hope you'll be staying aboard the Skylark?" I cocked my head to one side and chirped once. Kooghera grinned.

"Welcome then... Orion."

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