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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Ryu
Owner: white_ermine_1991
Pet Name: Khelina
Breed: Tyrannian Nuranna

About Ryu:
I'll never forget the day I met Ryu. I had just been accepted into the Tyrannian army sea division, under the guidance of the one and only Plesio. It was the happiest day of my life! Until I found out about a small detail about being a part of the sea division...


"A WHAT?" I blurted.
"A Petpet partner, Khelina," Plesio said calmly. "Those are the rules: every warrior in the sea division should have a Petpet partner. They can come to your aid, get help, carry messages, and most important of all: the enemy doesn't notice them as quickly as they notice a Neopet."

I wasn't pleased at all. I didn't feel like having a disgustingly cute Bluna tagging along with me all the time, or any other Petpet for that matter.

Plesio told me I could pick any Petpet I wanted, but that he'd show me a few that were trained already. He took me to a small building that looked a bit like the Pound, only for Petpets. In there, there were many different kinds of Petpets. Plesio took me to the underwater section. Since I'm a Peophin, it wouldn't be really helpful to choose a Fangy or an Airax...

"These are my personal favourites, Khelina," Plesio said, and he pointed to a few Scados. "They are incredibly common around these waters, so they won't be noticed easily by the enemy. Yet they can be tamed and trained in such a way that you don't even have to speak to understand each other."

I looked at the brown, fishlike creatures and snorted. "How in Neopia will these cute fishies be able to help me in COMBAT?!" I yelled a bit too loud.

Plesio grinned. "Not vicious enough for you, eh? Well, then what about a Searex? They are a bit more aggressive, and..."

We spent the whole afternoon looking for a suitable Petpet, but none could please me. In the end, Plesio gave up.

"Really, sir, I can fend for myself. I don't need a Petpet."

Plesio sighed. "Khelina, I already explained to you why it's essential that you have a Petpet. You have one week to find one yourself. If you don't have one by then, I will pick one for you."

I was furious. Thanks to that stupid "Petpet partner" idea, I'd have to have a dull fishy with me everywhere I went. Whose idea was that?!

Muttering like that to myself, I swam around in the waters of Tyrannia, when suddenly, I heard a noise. I turned around a pair of rocks, to see what had caused it, when I saw them. A group of Jetsams were picking on a small creature. When I took a second look, I saw that it was a Tyrannian Nuranna. Those were very rare!

"Here, fishy! Oh, watch out! You’re gonna get yourself hurt!" one of the Jetsams said, laughing, while prodding the creature with a pointy stick. The Nuranna grunted and tried to bash the Jetsam, but another one pulled its tail, making it spin around until it came to a stop, completely disoriented. The three Jetsams broke out laughing.

"Oh, is poor fishy a bit dizzy? Wait, let me help you!" one of them said. He leapt at the Nuranna, then grabbed it by a fin, swung it around, and then let go abruptly. "Oh, did that make you even dizzier? I'm sorry, I didn't know that!"

The Nuranna was furious, but couldn't do much against the three much bigger Jetsams. When I looked a bit closer, I could see the poor thing was covered in scars.

Normally, I would've just continued my swim, but something in the look of the Nuranna told me I had to do something.

"Hey you! Quit that!" I yelled at the Jetsams.

They turned and looked at me with a mocking look in their eyes. "Get lost, freak!" one of them yelled. "This is none of your business!"

"Freak?" I screamed. "I'll show you, you little...!" I charged at the Jetsam who had insulted me, hitting him right in the stomach.

"Oof! Hey, what do you think...?" Before he could finish his sentence, I had swung my tail and hit him in the face. He was catapulted away, landing a few metres further on the ocean-floor. On his cheek, there were a few nasty cuts from the spikes on my tail.

"Who looks like a freak NOW?" I snorted.

"Let's go, guys!" he yelled, swimming off as fast as he could. His companions followed close behind.

"Yeah, you just run home to your mummies!" I yelled at them. Then, I turned toward the little Nuranna. He lay on the ocean-floor, burying his left fin in the sand in an attempt to ease the pain a bit.

"You fought well there, little guy," I told him. He looked up, then showed his teeth as a warning not to get any closer. I did anyway. As expected, the Nuranna leapt at me, trying to pierce me with his horns, but I simply swam to the right, making him miss me.

"You should try and be more unpredictable," I told him. "If you'd charged without me expecting it, you would've hit me."

I swam a bit closer, and this time, he let me.

"Let me see that fin of yours." I pulled out some bandages -- I always carry those with me, you never know -- and wrapped them around his fin.

"Well, I should go now," I said, then turned to head back home. To my surprise, the little guy followed me. "Hey, you can't come with me!"

The Nuranna didn't look impressed and just stayed where it was. I pondered for a moment.

"Well, actually you can! You like fighting, right?" The Nuranna nodded. "Then, would you like to be my partner?"

As an answer, the Nuranna came swimming next to me, looking incredibly proud.

"I'll call you Ryu," I told him. "You like that name?"


A few days later, I took Ryu with me to Plesio. He looked satisfied, and told me I should start training Ryu. After a few weeks, Ryu was as good as any Scado that was trained by Plesio himself. We started training together, and became inseparable. We're a great team, and I don't think I would've become as good a fighter as I am today if I hadn't met Ryu.

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