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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Nerranda of Altador
Owner: phoenixs_angel
Pet Name: Phoenixs_loedertje
Breed: Darigan Yooyu

About Nerranda of Altador:
Little is know about the book in which the Altador Cup Committee keeps track of their Yooyus. About Nerranda of Altador it says:

Nerranda: Having played in the Altador Cup for two years, Nerranda is permitted to use the title 'of Altador' like all Yooyus who have played there at least once.

Nerranda is one of the experimental Darigan Yooyus. An experiment that turned out well, the Darigan Yooyu proved a new challenge for players and has now become one of the standard Yooyus used during the Altador Cup.

Character-wise, however, the experiment turned out less successful. Unlike most of the other Yooyus, who are known for their sweet nature when they are handled, the Darigan ones are mean beasts. Like all Yooyus, they are brimming with energy and get easily bored. In the case of Darigan Yooyus, being bored actually means they'll be doing mischief. Luckily, being able to play in the Altador Cup is as important for them as it is to the other Yooyu types and telling them they'll not be allowed to do so whenever they misbehave seemed to do the trick. However, this did not work out for Nerranda.

Nerranda seems to have gotten the worst of the characteristics of her species. We could tolerate her escaping from her cage by opening the lock, something Darigan Yooyus, with their arrow-shaped tails, seem to be particularly good at; we also didn't really mind that she tried for many times and actually succeeded to bite that weird Yurble janitor, but the moment when Nerranda started to actually bite the Yooyuball players and actually injured one, we decided it was time to make an important decision: Nerranda of Altador would never play in another Yooyuball match again.

Usually, there are many Neopets who'd love to take a retired Yooyu as their Petpet. In the case of Nerranda, however, not only were there very few pets interested in this vicious Yooyu, it was also impossible to find someone who actually knew enough about Yooyus to be able to give her a good home as well as to handle her.

Other requirements were that the pet who would own her would actually have a job for her to do. We were certain if Nerranda had a task that would keep her busy, she'd be doing less mischief. However, we also didn't want her to fall into the hands of either Lord Darigan or Dr. Sloth, for that might have meant a disaster for Neopia, something we would not have liked being held responsible for.

It seemed to be an almost impossible task to find the perfect owner for Nerranda, until one day, a cloud Wocky appeared. She seemed somewhat mean to us at first, but soon it turned out she could be friendly toward a Petpet too. At first, of course, Nerranda tried to bite her too, but some swift flick of the Wocky's paw taught her soon enough not to do it again. The Wocky liked to chase Nerranda, and Nerranda liked that game too. We never realised Nerranda could be actually happy and enjoy something!

Nerranda was very welcome in her new family. She actually solved a huge problem that had been threatening to tear her new family members apart. Loedertje, the Wocky, liked to chase other pets and Petpets. Her favorite targets were the Altachuck owned by her Lupe brother and a fire Yooyu owned by her Uni sister. For a Petpet as easily scared as an Altachuck, or a retired Fire Yooyu (just like Nerranda, this Fire Yooyu, Glory of Altador, has played in the Altador Cup before) being chased isn't a good thing. Now Loedertje could happily chase her own Yooyu.

At least we were sure, with another pet familiar with handling a precious Yooyu, Nerranda would be well cared for.

Together with her new owner Loedertje, Nerranda will be hunting down the most evil creatures of Neopia, also know as Meepits. We hope this profession will suit her better than her previous one did.

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