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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Farfael
Owner: saro_the_legendaerie
Pet Name: Luxor_Blackbane
Breed: Ukali

About Farfael:
Curled on the hard floor of my cage, I watch the world go by, sighing every once in a while and looking just as sad as the rest of my species the Ukali, but not for the same reason. There was nothing wrong with them, and a good many had doting owners and were secretly thrilled, but years of looking sad will kinda get your face stuck that way.

But I'm not like the rest of my species. I'm young. I can change. The problem is I don't have a reason to look happy. Would you, when your life is all shades of grey?

That's right. I'm a colourblind Ukali.

I sigh and turn away again, content to stare at my tail and know that I'm seeing the right color. Even white can look refreshing after staring at a sea of grey. I felt like I would get sick if I had to see one more spot of grey.

I close my eyes and try to block out the sound of other Petpets being bought and hauled away to be lavished on in their colourful world with their colourful owners. This shop dealt in a lot of items, to be sure, but mostly Petpets.

Suddenly, hooves pick me up and I'm staring into the grey eyes of a basic coloured Peophin, or so I guess. A Tyrannian Paint Brush dangles from his tail tip -- he must be on the way to the Rainbow Pool.

"How much for this one?"

The Peophin's voice is soft and strong, and his hooves have the strength yet tenderness that mark him to be good with delicate movements. "Look at you," he murmurs to me affectionately. "Your eyes are leaf green, like mine. " He smiles, and I sigh. If only I knew what green looked like.

The shopkeeper shakes his head. "Oh, sir, you don't want him. He's colourblind. Here, this little Searex would suit you better, since you'll be Tyrannian-coloured soon."

"Colourblind, you say? " The Peophin looks back at me and rubs me behind one of my barbed wings. My tail flicks in pleasure, and I close my eyes and savour the feeling. He has a nice touch.

"Can you hold him for me for, say, a week? I've got a change of plans. "

"Sure, sir, " the Aisha shrugs, and I'm placed back in my cage and hauled away to the Safety Deposit Box in the back. Empty blackness. Hooray.


Eventually, a beam of light pierces the peaceful dark of the SDB, and I yawn and blink as my eyes adjust to the grey world. But... something's different. The figure outside the door isn't grey.

The same Peophin from before picks me up, sits me on his shoulder, and pays the Aisha before scooting out of the shop.

"Sorry it took so long, but Skunk Paint Brushes are kind of expensive, little buddy, " he smiles, reaching back to rub me behind the wing again. I nuzzle his white mane and offer him the closest thing any of my species has ever come to giving a smile.

Because, at last, I have an owner in black and white.

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