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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Klaus
Owner: uzukisama
Pet Name: hazuki_sama
Breed: Sklyde

About Klaus:
It's a cold and foggy tonight, but it's typical weather for where I live, I suppose. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. I'm sort of... dead. I used to be a blue Lupe, but ever since that "incident" I am a ghost. Great, huh? Anyway, enough about me, you're still here, so I guess you want to hear a story? Well, here's how I met my Sklyde, Klaus.

It was my first night in the graveyard. I was scared, alone, and none too happy with where I lived. I heard Lupes like me howling in the distance. I wished I could've been with them, but they probably would've been scared of me.

I turned my head and sulked quietly. My sobbing was soon interrupted by a screech. It wasn't a normal screech. It sounded like nails scratching up against a chalkboard. I looked up and saw a small pile of bones on the grass, but nothing else. Puzzled, I went up to the pile of bones and sniffed it curiously. Suddenly, the pale bones started to shake, and I backed up, surprised. The bones were soon shaped into a small creature. A Sklyde. How could bones make such a sound? Then I looked at the grave that was next to where the Petpet stood, and it had scratch marks going down the front of it. The Sklyde stood there, facing me.

I wasn't interested in staying with the weird creature anymore, and I quickly turned and walked away. It wasn't long before I heard bones clanking behind me. I looked out of the corner of my eye, and saw the Sklyde following me like a lost baby Gelert. I tried to walk faster, but no matter where I went, it followed. What did it want from me?

Eventually, I grew tired of avoiding it. I slapped it with my paw, and it turned back into a pile of bones. Was it gone? The bones began to shake like they had done before, and it turned back into a Sklyde. It was no use. I laid down against my tombstone, annoyed.

"Make yourself at home, then," I sarcastically said to the petpet. It immediately climbed atop my tombstone and chattered happily. I tried to block out the annoying noise, but it didn't work. I sighed. Would it ever grow tired of being annoying?

A couple hours passed, and I had dozed off finally. Ghosts need rest, too, you know. But when I opened one of my eyes, I noticed the Sklyde was gone from the top of the grave. Had it left? I then looked beside me. There it was, curled up by my transparent fur. I smiled. Maybe it wasn't so bad having an annoying Petpet following me around.

After a few days, I finally decided to keep the Sklyde and name it. I was never sure on its gender, but it acted more like a boy to me so, he was now known as Klaus.

Maybe having somebody to explore the graveyard and scare other Neopets isn't too bad, after all, even if he does get on my nerves sometimes.

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