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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Brussel Sprout
Owner: mistickal_dragon
Pet Name: Revendi
Breed: Mallard

About Brussel Sprout:
"How about a Mallard?" I heard the shopkeeper suggest.

I wasn't even paying attention, I already knew what the answer would be before hearing it. With a sigh I gazed up at the Neopet observing me through my cage; it was a royal Draik. Yuck.

The Draik mimicked my thoughts, "Yuck, a Mallard? How cheap and so plain too!" He looked at the shopkeeper as though he'd been offended by the suggestion, "You do realise what my owner spent to make me what I am! I think we can skip the cheap stuff, do you have any faerie painted Petpets?"

They moved on, the shopkeeper gave me a pitying look as he passed. It had been like this every day since I'd been put on display, no matter if the pet was painted pirate or Christmas, I was always seen as "too cheap." Even the polite Neopets would find a way to turn me down, "Oh the green feathers... they don't match me." or "The orange beak is so... clashing."

Since when did a Petpet have to be a matching accessory? Whatever happened to just wanting a friend?

That night the shopkeeper was doing his usual rounds, locking up and making sure his many Petpets had food and water available. When he came to my cage, though, he did an unusual thing: unlocking the door, he lifted me out and tucked me under his arm. "I'll never find you a home," he said sadly.

Was this his way of saying "I guess I'll adopt you myself?" I looked up hopefully, but his face was grim.

I watched from the crook of his arm as we left Neopia Central, passed houses, and eventually entered the empty meadows surrounding the town.

"Quack?" I tried to make my confusion heard.

"Sorry little guy, but if no one wants you I'm going to have to set you free. I can't keep looking after you! I have heaps of Petpets to feed."

Set me free? Set me FREE? Is this what he thought dumping me out in a meadow was? I was a tamed Petpet, not a wild one! I squirmed frantically, how would I eat, where would I sleep?

But he ignored my distress and without another word set me in the grass and walked away. I looked on sadly as he left.

I was being punished, for what? Being too common, being too cheap, being too... me. It hurt to know just being myself meant no one would love me, it wasn't something I could change.

That night was very cold, and I was so hungry and tired, but I felt so glum I couldn't bring myself to sleep. Instead I wandered back toward the lights of Neopia Central, looking for warmth.

I'd only reached the Neohomes on the edge of town when my tired legs gave out, and I had to curl up in someone's garden. I hid between the tall green stalks, nestling close to the base of one, and closed my eyes, feeling sorry for myself.

"You're not a brussel sprout!" was the first thing I heard the next morning. Blinking away the sleep, I looked up at the hazy silhouette standing before the sun. I felt a bit scared when they reached down and pulled me from the garden, but they were gentle and held me in their palms.

"All curled up like that, I thought you were attached to one of my brussel sprout stalks," she said with a laugh as she brushed my green feathers free of soil. "I wonder why you're hiding here, you sure look hungry." Her voice was unlike what I'd heard before -- it wasn't pitying or sad; she merely seemed curious and caring.

My hopes soared and I nestled into her hands with a content quack. This was my chance, this was who I'd been looking for, no, who I'd been needing.

She took me inside her home, which smelt of spices and natural things. In this new light I could see her for what she was -- plain.

I say that in the nicest way. She was a green Blumaroo, which was just... great! I could tell from her garden, her home, and her appearance that she was just herself and nothing flashy, nothing fake. She was just like me!

It went unsaid that she'd adopted me. She gave me food and cuddles and without seeming to think about it started referring to me as Brussel Sprout. We enjoyed each other's company comfortably, and I would always be with her when she was outside tending to her garden.

We were the most plain, ordinary, and most perfectly happy pair!

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