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Petpet Name: Bullion
Owner: cookybananas324
Pet Name: Aevatrist
Breed: Gold Meepit

About Bullion:
Aevatrist rather liked gold. It was the color of Neopoints, and Neopoints could be used to buy all manner of things -- such as, for instance, codestones.

And the Eyrie had always had a rather soft spot for Meepits as well. He felt a strange kinship with the beady-eyed little Petpets. Anything that was not only small in stature but also coloured a girly shade of pink, yet somehow managed to strike fear into the hearts of Neopians everywhere, definitely deserved his admiration. So what if they were most likely plotting world domination behind the scenes? They were still kind of cute.

However, the combination of two good things does not necessarily lead to the creation of a better thing.

The inherent creepiness of the average Meepit was somehow multiplied tenfold in the case of Bullion the gold Meepit. When one looked at an ordinary Meepit, it wasn't hard to see the intelligence and craftiness hidden in the depths of their beady little eyes. But all Aevatrist could see in Bullion's eyes was his own admittedly handsome reflection.

Strange, too, was the gold Meepit's tendency to hold absolutely still for hours at a time, appearing to be nothing more than a golden statue. Whenever Aevatrist in the same room, the Eyrie would keep catching flickers of movement out of the corner of his eye, yet when he turned to look, the Meepit did not seem to have shifted at all.

It didn't appear to eat or drink at all, and it certainly never slept. It simply stared blankly out at the world, never blinking.

Finally, the Eyrie decided that enough was enough. Surely he could find some sucker to buy a rare gold Meepit off of him, and so he placed an ad in the Neopian Times:

Golden Meepit for Sale
Housetrained. Doesn't bite.
Contact Aevatrist for details.

A few days later, a Kacheek stopped by and, after examining Bullion carefully, offered to buy the little Petpet for a princely sum.

Delighted, Aevatrist agreed. He would have sold the Meepit for half the price and been glad to be rid of the creepy Petpet.

After counting over his newfound wealth, Aevatrist slept well that night, sound in the fact that he'd never need to see the gold Meepit again.

When he woke up the next morning, the Neopoints were gone, and Bullion was sitting at the foot of his bed, staring at him.

Aevatrist stared, uncomprehending, for a few long moments before letting out a scream that could be heard in Maraqua.

It seemed that the Petpet was determined to stay with its owner.

Aevatrist tried a few more times to sell the Meepit, always with the same end result, before finally giving up.

He learned, over time, to ignore the Meepit as best as he could.

But he never quite got over the unsettling sight of those blank, golden eyes always staring, watching, and perhaps waiting for their chance.

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