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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Timmax
Owner: jazz_girl_1
Pet Name: Kiaosle
Breed: Snarhook

About Timmax:
I was always sad when I saw Adanax, Rekshana, and Sibirok playing with their Petpets. Durnal, a Mallard, Selaks, a Wadjet and Malik, a Warf, ran and played at my feet. It just wasn't the same. I wanted my own Petpet.

I was my owner's final pet, so I didn't have one. She decided that she'd take me out to get a Petpet. I was excited. Finally, I could have Petpet of my very own!

We started at the Neopia Central Petpet shop. Nothing caught my eye there. Next, Tyrannia, The Lost Desert, Mystery Island, Meridell, Faerieland, Shenkuu, Altador... still nothing. Feeling discouraged, we walked back through Neopia Central to Roo Island. It then hit me: The Shop Wizard!

I ran up to the old JubJub and asked him if he knew anywhere I could find some cool Petpets. He searched, and finally found one.

Every Petpet species in the whole of Neopia must have been there. Some Noils chased each other playfully; a Snowbunny dozed in the sun. A Meowclops rolled around a rubber ball; an Angelpuss stared up at me. A couple of Babaas waved at me, and a Spardel chased its tail. A Kookith sat and nibbled on its food while a couple of Slorgs played a game of some sort. The shopkeeper was grooming a Walking Carpet.

Finally I found something. At the back of the shop lay an old glass cage. Inside a Snarhook happily munched on some Petpet food. He turned to look at me and smiled. I scooped him up and scratched his head. His smile grew bigger.

My owner leaned over and asked what I was going to call him. I hadn't ever thought about a name, really. I wanted to give him sweet, cute name to suit his cute smiles. I decided to call him Timmax. He gave me an ear-to-ear smile.

On the way home I thanked the Shop Wizard for his help. I also wondered if Timmax would get along with the other Petpets. He was a little dfferent, and would that make them treat him badly?

I was wrong. Everybody just adored Timmax. Adanax and Sibirok threw the rubber ball for the Petpets and taught him how to chase it. They also taught him to chase wind-up toys. Rekshana and I groomed the Petpets and talked to them. Timmax soon became famous for his smiles. I was so happy.

That night our owner read The Mystery of the Kougra Paw to us. Our Petpets sat on the chair beside her while we lay on the floor. We all decided to sleep in a big circle on the floor with our Petpets in the centre to celebrate my new friend. As everyone fell asleep, I silently promised Timmax the best home any Petpet could ever imagine. Before I fell asleep I realised that I didn't need to promise him that. In his eyes, he already had it.

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