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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Quicksilver
Owner: dragonstorm_75
Pet Name: Illumiru
Breed: Delfin

About Quicksilver:
I did not remember how I found myself in an oasis in the Lost Desert. However it happened was in the past – now I shall tell you a tale of how I met my owner, a stoic hissi named Illumiru.
I was swimming in the oasis, splashing the villagers who lived on its banks with my tail. It was great fun for me, and the villagers enjoyed my presence. Water sparkled around me like little diamonds, cool to the touch but comforting as well. I guess this is probably because I am a deflin, one of the most streamlined and elegant petpets. I never really had a name, back when I lived at the oasis. The villagers called me ‘The Delfin’ and I never really liked to be called after my species, I considered the name quite droll.
It was cool that morning and some villagers were drawing water to bring to their garden. I spotted a dark figure leaning into the water and quickly rose up to meet it, laughing and splashing the water upon the dark hissi. She looked up at me, laughed as well, and responded by sending a wave of water to me. We played for a while, before there was a call and the hissi began to go towards the village. She waved back to me, and my heart was glad.
I learned that her name was Illumiru, and she was a traveler that went to many different places. I had never seen other worlds before, and was intrigued. She said to me that she was staying here for a few days before she went to this place called Sakhmet, and I was disappointed when I learned that she was leaving soon. Nonetheless I made the most of our time together and we continued our games on the banks of the oasis.
One morning, I tried to find the shadow hissi, but she was gone. I was very sorrowful indeed, and did not play with the villagers any more. Every day I would sulk and hope that somehow, someday, Illumiru would return so we would play together, but with each passing hour my hopes became dashed.
About a week passed, and I had given up, when suddenly a rock was thrown into the waters, breaking the light and disturbing my sleep. When another pebble was thrown, I woke up fully and swam to the surface to complain. Who was throwing rocks upon my head?
Was I ever surprised and delighted!
Illumiru had returned, wearing a bright red garb that probably came from Sakhmet! I chuckled happily and did a flip, was I ever so happy to see her!
“You are a beautiful petpet, little delfin,” she told me, tickling my cheek, “would you like to come with me and join me on my journeys throughout Neopia?”
I did another flip and chattered with glee, accepting the offer. I had never seen the wide places outside of my oasis before, and the prospect excited me greatly.
“You need a name, little one,” Illumiru was saying, “a name that suits you. Well, look at how your skin flashes in the noontime sun! And you are so fast…I know! I have the perfect name for you. From now on, you shall be known as Quicksilver!”
Quicksilver…I turned the word, the name, around in my tongue and smiled to myself. It tasted sweet.

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