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Petpet Name: Fiona
Owner: dragon_imaginer
Pet Name: Kyrafa
Breed: Kazeriu

About Fiona:
Kyrafa plucked the chords on her Portable Harp, filling the air with a liquid melody. She stopped. Harper's Block again. Gently plucking a nearby flower, she twirled the stem, spinning the petals in a delicate carousel.

Waiting for inspiration, the Christmas Zafara played a few random chords, slowly weaving them into a song about a flower swaying in the breeze. Stopping again, Kyrafa shook her head and sighed. "Not a very interesting theme. Flower songs are so last year," she mused. "I need a new theme, something that will make a great composition. But what?"

Her normally bright and cheerful Zafara grin was turned down in a frown. Unable to think, she put away her Portable Harp and sat on a nearby log, waiting for nature to give her a song. Listening with her acute hearing, Kyrafa heard two crickets chirping, the rustle of summer leaves, the rush of the river's current, the slight swooshing sound the water made against the bedrock...

Suddenly, a new melody appeared. A flute-like note sounded, and she pictured wind chimes, but the image didn't quite fit the sound. It was closer to a chirp than a ping.

Kyrafa slid off the log onto her feet, looking around in earnest. What sort of wonderful creature could make such a sound? she wondered. Seeking out the source of her inspiration, the excited Neopet stumbled up to a small clearing surrounded by low berry shrubs. Peeking over the top of one, Kyrafa's eyes widened at the scene before her.

A small Petpet, only just smaller than her head, was floating around the clearing, gathering berries from the surrounding foliage. It was a deep purple-blue color, with semi-translucent cerulean tails flowing behind it like sparkling banners. The minute golden claws grasped berries of all kinds, even the fragile Aquaberry. The beautiful sculpted head displayed a two-coloured gem and two crystal-blue eyes. A Kazeriu.

Singing as it worked, the Petpet placed the berries inside the tree where it lived. On its final sweep around the clearing, Kyrafa accidentally stepped on a twig. *Crunch* The Kazeriu froze, and whipped its head around to Kyrafa's hiding spot, letting loose a high-pitched squeak of alarm. Kyrafa poked her head out from the bushes, eying the rare Petpet curiously. Upon seeing the Zafara, the Kazeriu flashed over to its tree, disappearing inside. Kyrafa frowned. Drat, she thought. I liked that Petpet.

Pulling back from the bushes, she wondered about the Petpet. She knew that wild Kazerius were exceedingly rare in Shenkuu, much less throughout the rest of Neopia. What could it be doing here in Meridell? Kyrafa tried to think of ways to let the Petpet know that she was harmless. It was unlikely, because the Kazeriu had already seen her.

Unable to come up with anything, she sat in the tall grass and began to play her Portable Harp. She strummed one of her favourite songs, "Sparkling Brook." The melody was peaceful, calming. Lost in her music, the Zafara played with a passion, filling the air with the symphony of water. When the song drew to a close, she sighed, and stood up to begin the walk home.

She was interrupted by a flute-note that sounded oddly irritated. Looking over her shoulder Kyrafa was surprised to see the wild Kazeriu fly up to her harp, pluck a few strings, and then whistle in harmony with the small tune. Mystified, she played a short song she had learned at the Music Shop. The Kazeriu trilled with happiness, matching the song note for note. Kyrafa began to play a more complex melody, and started to walk home at the same time. The Kazeriu followed, content simply to harmonise with the music.

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