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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Whirlwind
Owner: precious_katuch14
Pet Name: glitter_chic_roxy
Breed: Baby Fireball

About Whirlwind:
My name is Whirlwind, and I am a Cloud Baby Fireball, the only one I have ever known. Really… I've never heard of any other Cloud Baby Fireballs.

And neither have I heard of Cloud Baby Fireballs who know and tell lots of stories -- scary stories, to be exact. Well, what do you expect from a spooky Petpet like me?

Before I was even painted, Glitter's siblings would always take me out into the backyard where they camped... or at least, pretended to camp. We would sit together under the night sky, and they would identify constellations, put up a tent -- or ask their owner-slash-guardian and caretaker, Kat to do it -- and just do whatever camping Neopets do.

Then they would bring out the marshmallows, skewer them with sticks, and roast the treats over me. Of course, it worked, because as a Baby Fireball, I'm made of fire. To be honest, it doesn't bother me much, even if Glitter would start screaming that they shouldn't be using me as a campfire, despite the fact that I really am a miniature one. Eventually, she would stop complaining each time they camped or pretended to camp, and even start roasting marshmallows over me. It actually makes me feel good, because I'm doing something for her.

And where there's a campfire, there are stories told around it -- all sorts of tales you could think of, from every corner of Neopia and even from places beyond Neopia.

More often than not, Glitter's family chose scary stories to tell. I don't remember all of them, but I do know a little bit of everything. I remember Gilly's tales of woe; a story about how Eliv Thade solved one of his most perplexing puzzles, which was given by Count Von Roo; ghosts lost in the Carnival of Terror, among others.

I do like non-scary stories too, of course. Glitter is part of the Writing Club at school, and sometimes she leaves drafts of her own stories lying around for me to read. I don't know if she knows that I read them or not though. Even though she always tells me that her writing style still needs improvement, I like what she comes up with anyway. Besides, she once told me that I inspire her, and for someone who loves stories, that's a really nice compliment.

I look for stories in other places too -- like in books and in the Neopian Times. Of course, Glitter stays with me to make sure they don't catch fire from me. I wouldn't want that to happen either.

At night, when Glitter's owner (who prefers to be called a guardian and caretaker, and is also a Neopian Times author) tells stories of her own, I'm always around to listen along with the Neopets (and possibly even the other Petpets).

Even though I cannot write stories of my own (literally, but I try to make up some when I have nothing else to do), I can appreciate them. Someday, I hope to become a real storyteller, even if other Petpets keep on telling me that I already am one. After all, a good storyteller must have an extensive knowledge of stories to tell. I must admit, I probably do after everything I have heard and read.

How a Cloud Baby Fireball learned how to read, however, is another story, and not one of those I create.

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