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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Dawn, Noon, and Dusk
Owner: maniac_road
Pet Name: Zekaiyu
Breed: Hydruplit

About Dawn, Noon, and Dusk:
The setting sun on the horizon created a beautiful reddish-orange glow in the Mystery Island sky. Deep within the forest surrounding Geraptiku, a lone Lupe sat on a high ledge on an abandoned temple. His dark violet fur and ivory tusks suggested he was tyrannian, but his location proved otherwise. He stood, shaking dust and dirt off his coat, and hobbled down the stairs to the forest floor.

Walking through the ancient city, the Lupe pawed around the entrance of a large cave. Tiny footprints. The Lupe looked in curiosity, sniffing to find a stale scent. Within the cave, a sudden noise interrupted the Lupe's thoughts.

Curiosity got the better of him, and he slunk into the dark cave. A few feet in, a small three-headed lizard shot out of the darkness, crashing into the stolid Lupe's chest. The three heads, regaining balance, looked up at this Lupe. The Lupe blinked, then spoke: "Well now, how did you get into my cave?"

The head on the right chirped, and the head on the left growled.

"All right, I'll leave."

The Lupe turned to walk away. Casting a glance over his shoulder, he found the little lizard following him.

After a few days of being followed, the Lupe had learned quite a bit about this creature. First, it was a Petpet. A Hydruplit, to be exact. How an Altadorian Petpet made it to Geraptiku, the Lupe would never know. Second, the three heads were completely different. The right head was a nice head, and seemed to like the Lupe. The middle head was apathetic to most issues, had sole control over the body, and was the only head with the ability to breathe fire. The head on the left was a scornful beast and tried to bite the Lupe on multiple occasions. And the third thing was that the Lupe liked this creature, and 2/3 of the creature seemed to like the Lupe.

The Lupe thought back to what his owner once told him. "A Petpet is a pet for Neopets. Only take one if you think you can take care of one." The Lupe looked down at the little Hydruplit. "I suppose I could take care of you..." he murmured.

The right head chirped, the middle stared blankly, and the left screeched in despair. The outer heads looked to the middle head, waiting for the finial decision. The middle head pondered, then stepped forward, and hopped onto the Lupe's back.

"I suppose that's a yes, then..." the Lupe chuckled. "Wait..." The Lupe remembered something else his owner said to him. "Don't give your Petpet some wacko name; give it something that fits! And be creative!"

The Lupe looked to his new companions. "All right, a creative name for each of you..." He looked to the sky, and saw the sun drifting across the clear blue. "Ah, it's noon already... Wait!" He looked back to the Petpet. "I have your names. You shall be Dawn, Noon, and Dusk." The Lupe nodded to each of the heads. The right head, now Dawn, chirped happily. The middle head, now Noon, let out a content hurr. The left head, now Dusk, shook her head proudly, not admitting she thought it was perfect. The middle one looked to the Lupe expectantly. "Oh me...? I'm... Zekaiyu," the lupe said. "Now come, the temples need attending to." Zekaiyu waved his bushy tail, and his new Petpet followed.

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