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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Nibbler
Owner: amamamole
Pet Name: Mupphy
Breed: Fangy

About Nibbler:
I strutted, contented, toward the Plateau. My proposition of a Tyrannian holiday as opposed to the typical Mystery Island getaway had been accepted by my owner, and of this I was very proud. Never had a yellow Moehog been so happy to be surrounded by endless stony expanses.

Every hut had been visited, every mediocre wheel had been spun, and we had even toured the prehistoric villages and purchased some wares, namely souvenir plastic spears and the like. By now I had acquired a collection of photos, some of me posing for a cave painting, some of me achieving my quintuple bogies on the course, and some of me cowering in fear after hearing the roar of the host of Grarrl Keno.

My owner was also involuntarily carrying a selection of Tyrannian foods and, judging by the frequent dropping of the Stuffed Dorkle Peppers, struggling.

"I'm just about ready to see the Plateau," I chirped, cheerfully trotting along in anticipation. The sun would soon set, and I was yet to see the famous Giant Omelette or find the legendary beast before attending the dusk concert.

"Are you sure? We don't want to leave anything out," warned my owner, "because by the time we're up there, you won't have enough time to come back down before the show."

Rigorously shaking my head, I told her, "Moehawk won't stick around forever, and you know they don't play very often, so we have to go now!"

She seemed hesitant. Why would my owner refuse to let me proceed to the Plateau? I mean, I'd seen everything there was to see in the Jungles.

I was persistent. "Come on, let's go!" I whined. "I need to see what's up on the Plateau and style my mane even before the concert begins."

My owner simply gazed down at me and smiled a narrow grin. "I think HE will have a different opinion," she said, gesturing toward Pacha, the owner of the Tyrannian Petpet store.

"The Petpet shop?" I asked inquisitively.

As I slowly approached, temporarily forgetting my prior arrangements, the Tyrannian Elephante greeted me. "Well, hello there, missy. Would you like to take home a little fella today?"

I surveyed the Petpets for sale. Gruslens wrestled each other, playfully pulling at each other's ears. In the corner, a small herd of Donksaurs slumbered, murmuring and snoring quietly. All around us, Duocorns hopped and weaseled about the place. They were all very cute, but nothing special. I had seen Tyrannian Petpets before and, quite frankly, I wasn't very excited.

"I don't think I'll have any of these today," I began, when something hit me quite sharply from behind.

I turned around to see a little Fangy, lying in a daze on its back.

"Careful there, little one!" I giggled, picking it up and resting it back on its hooves. There was something about its expression that told me it wasn't the brightest of critters, but it was nonetheless admirable.

"Hey, he looks like me!" I exclaimed, observing his little fangs that resembled my somewhat larger tusks.

"Doesn't he?" remarked Pacha. "That there's a little Fangy. Though, as cute as he is, haven't had much luck in buyers."

I cocked my head to one side, and the little Fangy did the same. I sat down, and it let its tongue hang loosely from its mouth. What this Petpet lacked of in intelligence, it made up for in adorableness. It proceeded to trot around behind me and nibble at my tail hairs. I chucked, amused.

"You can have him there for free if you like," Pacha told me.

"Really?" My eyes lit up. "Oh, by Fyora, I'm gonna take good care of you -- ummm..." I had yet to name my new friend.

He ceased eating my tail and stared at me (as well as his unfocused eyes could stare), then gnawed at my left tusk.

I snickered, and then lowered him to the ground. "Geez, Nibbler, try to lay off the chewing."

And he did, for a while, as I held him close, heading for the soon-to-begin concert.

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