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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Loodle
Owner: chirigami
Pet Name: Hettui
Breed: Green Beekadoodle

About Loodle:
Hettui drapes big words around himself like shields, his knowledge growing with every page he turns. Yet when I came into his life, this flitting creature, I could see his mind shut down. He stuttered slightly, as he wondered how to proceed. I could almost hear the whirring as his mind went through the vast library of names that he had come across in his many travels.

"Wind?" he asked aloud, his voice faltering. "But no, what if you don't like wind? Green? But no, I don't want to define you by your colour." He scratched his head as he thought about what to do.

I have never since seen words fail him, and in a bout of desperation he began to examine me. Closely. My emerald green body shimmered in the bright room. My yellow belly, as bright as bananas, was as light and glorious as a hot summer sun. He grew particularly interested in my orange beak, which quivered as I hung, effortlessly, in mid-air.

"What do I do with you?" Hettui questioned. I could hear the strain in his voice. "You need a name! A proper name. One that won't constrict you or make little sense as time goes on. There would be no point calling you Baby, now would there, because everything gets old. I'm completely put out for, truthfully, I have never come across something that I couldn't define."

I grinned despite myself. Well, it wasn't so much a grin as it was a lifting of the corners of my mouth. It is desperately hard to smile when your beak is as hard as mine. Emotions are lost in the translation from heart to mouth, and many Petpets think that I am slow because of my lack of reaction.

But let me tell you, in no way am I slow. Few know this about Beekadoodles, but we can read and write as well as the average Neopian. It's a skill we developed many years ago, and I eagerly use it whenever I get the chance. My greatest aspiration in life is to pen a novel and then be featured in the Neopian Times.

The best way to find things to read, for goodness knows I can't hold a book or newspaper myself, is to read over the shoulder of a Neopet as he scours through the Neopian Times. It is the most successful way, but honestly many try to wave me away as though I'm an annoyance.

This is how I met Hettui.

His royal Shoyru head was bent over a book in the library, absorbing every minute detail that lay within. The script was small, and he had his head lowered so close to the page that the paper fluttered as he exhaled. I found myself floating toward the book, eager to see what was so intensely interesting. In my desperation to read the text I forgot to keep track of how dangerously close I was getting to Hettui's left cheek. In a moment of pure exasperation I lurched forward a tiny bit more, feeling my wing graze his cheek as I did so. I fell backward in fear and lost my momentum, ending up sprawled on the ground. I expected repercussions but the Shoyru gazed at me with interest.

"I could have sworn you were trying to read," he said, shaking his head gently. "Must be studying too hard." But he continued to look at me.

I hid.

I watched him leave the library several hours later and followed him, my wings beating in the soft breeze. He saw me, I saw his eyes meet mine several times, and yet he kept his distance. When we reached his Neohome, he turned around.

"Are you coming in?" he called to the darkening sky. That's when I knew he was supposed to be mine.

That is also when the trouble of picking a name began. It took several weeks of searching dictionaries and running through ideas in his head that he finally reached a conclusion.

"Loodle!" he exclaimed one day. "It's perfect. It's a name so void of meaning, significance, and beauty that you can never outgrow or defy it. Nor will you ever be bound by the expectations that your name carries."

I mulled it over, wondering if I was going to respond to Loodle. It seemed too simplistic. Then I realised that it rhymed with my species Beekadoodle. It was so entirely absurd that only one thought crossed my mind.


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