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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Wings
Owner: eevetta
Pet Name: Dandelion_Angel
Breed: Blue Floud

About Wings:
Dandelion_Angel (she's known as Dandy to her folks) was exceptionally ecstatic today. In doing so well on her math test -- she now appreciated the 'Maths Nightmare' game -- her owner, Believer, as promised, would buy her a Petpet. She had many in mind, but was having a hard time deciding. Believer's suggestion was narrowing the choices to one particular Petpet shop to go to. Whichever was chosen, that was the place she'll have to pick from.

"All right, pick one up." The Uni did what she was told and took a piece of paper out of the Spring Bonnet hat. "So, who gets the gold?"

"The Faerieland Petpet shop," Dandy replied.

"Well all right, a Faerie Petpet it is." So after laying some ground rules for her other pets, especially for Luhmo, Believer and Dandy left for their destination to Faerieland.
"Well, here we are, the Faerieland Petpet shop. With the many Neopians here getting their hands on the Petpets, you won't have much time to dawdle. Be fast, and make sure the one you choose is the one you want; they don't do refunds after all." Dandy nodded as her owner was right.

She quickly walked through the place and went over her mental list. She did some research on what species each Petpet shop sold and wrote down in her notebook the ones she particularly took an interest in. Now that her options were down to only the ones in Faerieland, she had to rack her brain to determine which of her 8 chosen faerie Petpets would be the winner.

Meekins? Nah, too much of a hassle with their screaming. An Alkenore would most likely just try to find a nice cloud to go skipping upon. Nice, but Believer would probably have a heart attack if she found out her beloved Uni was spending her days chasing after her Petpet up in the sky. Her owner was always scared of heights after all. Miamouses were similar, although toned down, but still not one she would get for the concern of her owner.

Barbats were usually nocturnal, so that's another check off. Faellies were too expensive for her owner's taste, and they seem too timid and paranoid for her own taste. So that left either a Feloreena, Carmariller, and a...

Suddenly, all Dandy could see in her vision was pink. She then felt something wet against her brow and her eyes twitched at the touch. She took the thing that was blocking her sight and came nose to nose with a happy-looking Floud, who ended up giving her another lick. It chirped in seeming amusement, and Dandy gave it a mildly annoyed look.

"Oh, I'm so sorry about that, dear, I hope he didn't cause you any problems," apologised the earth faerie shopkeeper as she took the tail-wagging Floud from Dandy's hooves.

"Other than making me see all pink, no he didn't."

"I really apologise; this Floud is one you would call an oddball. He's very energetic and skittish compared to the usual laid-back Flouds of his kind, that customers are kind of overwhelmed with this, so they usually brush him aside and get a calmer one." Said petpet squirmed out of the faerie's grasp and darted over to Dandy and started rubbing himself against the side of her neck. "But I must say, he's more excited than usual. He must really like you."

Dandy plucked the nuzzling Petpet with her hooves and stared straight at it. She could definitely see the adoring eyes glancing back at her, as well as -- dare she say it -- hopefulness. She frowned at the idea of getting this one, even if a Floud was on her list.

"I don't think you have a choice anymore on which one you should get, Dandy," Believer spoke from behind her. "I've checked your list back home, and none of them are here anymore, everything's taken... well, except for that Floud in your hands." She was right. There were no more of the Petpets Dandy had wanted, not even the expensive Faellie. She sighed.

"Well, we do restock every 8 minutes, you know. You can wait until then," the shopkeeper said, trying to lighten up the discouraged Uni.

"No thanks, we're not the only ones waiting. Those other owners will immediately get them before I managed to decide." She sighed again and turned her attention back on the Floud she was holding. He seemed disheartened that every other Petpet was taken, and Dandy couldn't help but feel sorry for him. Well it couldn't really hurt would it? If she could put up with her hyperactive Gelert brother, then this was a walk in the park -- at least she thought so.

Nonetheless, she made her decision.
And thus Wings, the ever energetic Floud who kept zipping, dancing, and singing around Dandy and Believer all the way home was finally adopted.

And several months later, Dandy presented him with her hard-earned Blue Petpet Paint Brush.

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