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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Merilyn
Owner: tanyawebber
Pet Name: Evalynde
Breed: Faerie Drugal

About Merilyn:
The time had come.

Bellamy, my darling Pink Quiggle butler, waltzed into my bedroom one morning with a package under his arm. I'd just woken, and through the sleepy haze, I could just about see the package was shaking vigorously. This was it; the petpet I would cherish, share my hopes and dreams with, and care for was finally here.

"Evalynde, good morning! I suppose you already know what I bear. I hope you will love her as much as she already adores you."

Smiling, I fluffed my pillows and sat up in my bed, awaiting my rather lively gift. Bellamy placed the present on my lap, and I began to unravel the sparkling ribbons that held it together. However, my visions of a matching petpet to display with pride soon became a faded wish. The petpet that scurried about in the box was a mint green, barking creature – far from the magical, blue, charming creature I had envisioned.

“Is something wrong, madame?” Bellamy bowed his head in apology, before I had a chance to explain.

“I appreciate the concern, Bellamy, but I was sure I specified a petpet that matched my turquoise tint. Perhaps you painted her the wrong colour, or brought home the wrong petpet altogether?”

Bellamy chuckled at my apparent vanity. “This is your petpet. A normal-coloured Drugal, and she answers to the name Merilyn. I thought you two would get along perfectly – she has a gorgeous green coat, which certainly reflects your very own luscious blue locks, Evalynde.”

I could see where he was coming from: the Drugal’s coat was very delicate and well-looked after, just like my own. The lack of matching with my own colour scheme did slightly bother me, but I chose to ignore it for now. For, of course, the day was Wednesday. I was due to make my weekly shopping trip to the Grooming Parlour in Neopia Central.

Although I didn’t feel particularly comfortable with my new companion just yet, Merilyn was persistent in wanting to visit the parlour with me. Reluctantly, I gathered her flowing coat in my arms, and we set off to Neopia Central to buy some beauty products for our lovely selves.

The parlour was booming, as usual. The counters were crowded with Royals and Faeries, demanding their overdue makeovers and manicures. The counter where we were headed, however, was empty and beckoning us over. Displays of items screamed “cloud-like fur” and “sparkling eyes”, and it was a mission to fight the temptation to buy everything in sight. Merilyn squirmed in my arms, excited. Even if she didn’t match my appearance, her personality was almost like looking in a mirror.

I scanned the shelves for my usual haircare items, and extended my arm to collect my Herbal Shampoo. To my surprise, though, Merilyn jumped from the closure of my left arm and flicked the shampoo from my grasp. She stood below me, and shook her head in disapproval. This was odd behaviour for such an obedient creature, I thought, but I gave her the attention she craved. Merilyn almost nodded when she saw I was listening, and hopped onto the counter. I glanced apologetically at the shopkeeper, who was too busy washing a Royal Usul’s fur in the backroom

Merilyn began selecting several items that counteracted the ones I had written on my shopping list. She demanded I bought the Super Shiny Shampoo, as well as the Glittering Faerie Dusting Powder. A Fyora Hair Brush was also amongst her chosen items, and she began to eye the range of Faerie hairclips on a far-away shelf too.

After a good ten minutes of Merilyn scurrying around the shelves, we paid for the new items and made our journey home.

At first, I was anxious to try the new products, as I had become ever so used to my usual beauty regime. However, I certainly took to the new items with a breeze – my hair was more shiny and beautiful than ever, and my fur was simply extravagant. Merilyn also looked astounding, and I quickly found out how her coat had always been so breath-taking to look at.

It was clear that Merilyn aspired to be of the Faerie kind, with her selection of the glittering makeup and products. As a way of thanking her for the introduction of the extraordinary items she had blessed upon me, I bought her a Faerie Petpet Paint Brush, and painted her with pride. We now matched, with both of us sporting sparkling turquoise coats. Her fur was shinier than ever, and her mood reflected her new-found colour. She was glad to be painted her dream colour, and I was glad to have found my darling matching petpet. We were, quite literally, sparkling with happiness.

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