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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Zzews
Owner: hot_breath
Pet Name: xx_sophistifunk_xx
Breed: Plushie Mazzew

About Zzews:
The red sun was beginning to set over the amber horizon, not a single cloud in the sky, the heat overwhelming. The dust whirled in the hot wind, the humidity in the air sticking to the group's foreheads. The ground was cracked and barren, with very few signs of civilisation. A theatre of rock stood to the group's left, next to it sitting a tiny booth about the size of a lemonade stall. A cave and a gully were at the very edge of the plateau, an eerie breathing noise coming from the depths of the cave. And in the middle of the mounds of rock sat a large wheel, with a very bored Quiggle sitting on a stool, reading a newspaper.

The group advanced towards the wheel, and the Quiggle looked up, his hideous prehistoric features lighting up underneat the light of the sun. He took a sip of his cup of hot dung, coughing and spluttering as something went down the wrong way. He tapped the side of the wheel, and, in a very flat tone, said;

"You want a go?"

Flame raised an eyebrow, and Splash sat there sipping at her iced tea furiously(Peophins aren't built for Tyrannia), but Soph bounced up and down, grinning eagerly.

"Can I, Bee, Can I? Please, please, pleeeaaase?"

The owner of the group looked down at her, an inquisitive look on her face. She reached into her pocket, and got out three bags of neopoints. She handed one to each pet, the larger bags going to the older pets.

"Spend it on what you like. But Soph, you know, that wheel takes ages to stop, sometimes hours and hours. You sure you wanna wait that long?"

Soph grinned a huge smile, and her eyes sparkled. She only had to have one look at the glamourous prizes lined up along the wheel to nod her head happily and skip over to where the Quiggle was sitting(and complaining).

He looked up, nodded towards the wheel, held out his hand and grunted something about '100'. Soph opened her bag and gave him all of her spending neopoints(since she was the youngest, she didn't get a whole lot).

She skipped over to the wheel, placed her arms apon the edge, and threw her body weight downwards with her arms vigourously. The wheel began to spin so fast the pictures were a blur, making a quiet whoosh sond as it sliced the air.

The Quiggle laughed, a rough, scratchy sound, then he placed his newspaper on his lap, turning to Soph.

"You're gonna be waiting a heck of a long time, what, with that spin you just pulled off," he chuckled."Here, have a seat."

He pulled another chair out from behind the curtains that hung behind the wheel(seemingly from midair), motioning or Soph to come sit. She sat, and he handed her a cup of hot dung, 'on the house'. As she sipped down the disgusing yet calming drink, she watched the crimson sun set behind the volcano way over yonder.

"Wanna hear how those volcanos got there?" asked the Quiggle.

She nodded, and they sat there for hours, the Quiggle teaching her all about Tyrannias history. And then, a rattle came from behind them. They both turned simultaneously, and there on the wheel, the little arrow sat on the cutest Petpet Soph had ever seen.

The Quiggle jumped up and disappeared behind the curtain, reappearing a second later with a plump little lump bundled in his arms.

"Lucky kid!" he laughed, handing her the adorable little parcel.

She nursed him tenderly in her arms, before running across the plateau towards the Concert Hall. Night had fallen, and shadows danced across the barren rocks, the sky twinkling wih millions of stars. The only source of light was coming from the hall, where thousands of fans cheered on for Sticks N Stones. The ground, though the sun had set hours ago, was still hot, nearly burning Soph's feet.

The lump gurgled happily as Soph stepped underneath the stone building, and she was just about to step inside, when a huge Grarrl stepped in front of her.

"Ticket?", he grunted, scowling at Soph, who whimpered.

"Ummm.....". Soph didn't have one, but, looking behind the Grarrl, saw the group, and blurted out;

"There's my owner! And-and my sister and b-brother!"

The Grarrl could see she was very young, so he called out to the group. Hot Breath turned around, and squeezed through the cheering fans. She looked down at the lump in Soph's arms, and called to Splash and Flame, who came over quickly to see what the fuss was about. They all cooed over the cute bundle, but Soph still had one problem. She looked up at Bee, cleared her throat, and asked;

"So uh..... what is it?"

Bee laughed, and the others joined in. Even the little purple bundle was laughing, not really because it understood the question, just because it liked the sound of laughter.

"It's a Mazzew, silly." Flame laughed," they're native to Tyrannia. Cute little things, too. Whaddya wanna call him?"

"Zzews!" Soph exclaimed.

So Zzews lived with the bunch for a couple of days, when, on an outing to the auctions, Soph saw it. It was soft and made out of fabric, but the end was dipped in paint. It was smaller than a Paintbrush. Bee saw Soph looking in awe at the item, and began to bid. Soon enough, there they were at home, with a newly painted Plushie Mazzew.

Zzews looked cuter than ever, and Bee kept some Gnorbu fabric patches in her sewing box, just in case Zzews got a bit torn up. Zzews grew to love the bunch, but then a certain Christmas Arkmite was brought back from holiday at Faerieland, where he was helping the Job Centre hand out jobs to Maraquans who couldn't reach Faerieland.

Zzews didn't like Frostbite. He didnt like him one bit. And Frostbite didn't like Zzews. Soon enough all the patches were used up, and Frostbite had several carpet burns. But then Bee came up with a plan. She gave each Petpet their own special place-for Frostbite a pool in the backyard, for Zzews a soft, plush bed, with lots of Soph's toys surrounding it.

But if they wanted to keep their special places, they had to stop fighting. So they did, and they became the best of friends. And that they stayed.

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