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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Shirako
Owner: illusionsanctuary
Pet Name: Daisanojo
Breed: Primella

About Shirako:
“Um… what do I do with this…?” The speckle shoyru Daisanojo (known to his friends and family as Dai) asked, looking at the electric blue and yellow fishlike petpet that was zooming idly through the air above his head.

“Do? You play with it. You say things to it. You take care of it. You make sure it doesn’t get scale rot.” Dai’s owner, Sen, replied. “You’ve been asking for a petpet for so long, so I got you one.”

Dai good-naturedly tried to force a smile. But it was hard to hide his disappointment. After all, he had the most musical interest and talent in the family—what was he supposed to do with a Primella?”

“But… I was kinda hoping for something… you know, my style. Zen’s a ghost, and he has a ghost gallion. Sil’s got the highest intelligence in his family, and his Kazeriu can solve the Faerie Crossword in under a minute. I play and write music…” Dai trailed off, hoping Sen would get the point.

“Oh, he fits you all right.” Sen smiled, unfazed. “I should know, I bought him myself. His name’s Shirako.”

Dai looked closer at the so-called Shirako. Nope. Looked like an ordinary Primella to him.

“Does Shirako sing?”



“Not that I know of…”

“Um… play an instrument?”


“How is he supposed to “fit me”, then?”

“You’ll see. And you’d better take good care of him. If I see any limp scales, you’re not getting another petpet. Ever.” Sen said, implying that the discussion was over. Dai’s owner then walked towards the door of the neohome, preparing to go buy something.

“But don’t worry, you’ll grow to like him.” She added, before closing the door behind her.

“Sure…” Dai muttered, “I’ll bet she was expecting me to like the petpet because she spent 40,000 neopoints on it…”


Over the course of the next few days, Dai learned a lot of things about Primellas. One was that if a Primella came in contact with an electric guitar, the result was somewhat of an explosion. Another was that Primellas tended to say the same things to you if you tried talking to them.

But Sen turned out to be right, in a way. Shirako didn’t sing or dance, but the petpet understood music well enough and would often zoom around Dai’s room for hours, listening to the music Dai was forever playing.

Still, Dai didn’t realize just how well suited Shirako was to him until he was requested to substitute the guitarist for Yes Boy Ice Cream…


“I’m late! I’m late!” Dai groaned to himself, Shirako floating obediently next to him as the two raced through the air towards Tyannia. “I knew I shouldn’t have let Sen talk me into taking Shirako with me...” The Concert Hall was probably packed already, and it seemed that Dai’s wings couldn’t carry him fast enough.

By the time Dai had made it backstage, the concert was beginning to start. The crowds were cheering, and the three shoyrus that made up Yes Boy Ice Cream were already onstage. Picking up an electric guitar, Dai braced himself, and struck the opening chord.

And the crowd went wild.


Halfway through the concert, though...

The music was still going full blast, Yes Boy Ice Cream was dancing, and the crowd was yelling and jumping to the beat. Dai was almost able to forget that Shirako was zooming around his head again. The end of the song was coming, and he hadn’t missed a note yet…

And then the stage lights blew out.

Everyone began to panic.

“What happened?”

“Where’s Yes Boy Ice Cream?”

“Was this supposed to happen?”

Dai winced internally. Keep playing, he told himself. Keep playing, and hope that somehow the lights will turn back on… Wait. What was that?

Strange as it seemed, a luminescent bubble was hovering close to Dai’s face, lighting up the stage around it. Another floated by. Then another. A whole stream flew by, bubbles ranging from the size of Dai’s fist to as big as his head.

And who would be blowing them but… Shirako.

As the bubbles floated onstage, the crowd cheered as the stage was flooded with color and light. Dai turned up the volume on his guitar, and –he could swear Shirako winked at him—the bubbles began changing color, enveloping the Concert Hall in a rainbow kaleidoscope.

Shirako’s bubbles bounced and changed color to reflect the music. After weeks of hearing Dai’s practicing, Shirako didn’t miss a beat. During the final number, the bubbles the Primella blew shone like shooting stars and glittered like diamonds, revolving as the music reached its peak.

The concert ended in a storm of applause and smiles.


When Dai came home, a grin on his face, Sen was waiting.

“Well? Do you want another petpet?”

Shirako, riding on Dai’s shoulder, glanced at his owner.

Dai smiled.

“Nah. I think he fits me.”

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