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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Serena the Smart
Owner: dave_ofwales
Pet Name: Wiselon
Breed: White Weewoo

About Serena the Smart:
Serena the Smart earned her title after years of experience in the library of Brightvale and working for the Neopian Times organising the issues. Weewoos are often cited the most intelligent of petpets, but Serena takes this to a new level.

She hatched a several years ago and from the start was spotted to be special. She would organise books at the tender age of 7 months, even before she had grown all her feathers! Before she could fly she had organised her local library and had been teaching other petpets of her age how to read.

When she was old enough to leave home she took flight and sought employment in Brightvale - the land of knowledge. She visited King Hagan to prove her worth. She spoke such words of wisdom, that Hagan took her under his wing (so to speak) and she was soon the chief librarian at the scrollery. She was able to translate many texts and provide Hagan with ancient fogotten knowledge.

After a few years in Brightvale, Serena left. She had fully organised every text in the kingdom and there was no longer a challenge for her. She thanked Hagan immensely for the knowledge he had provided her and she took flight high into the sky.

Her next notable experience was in Faerieland. Just after uncovering the whereabouts of the Hidden Tower, she was summoned to Fyora's palace. She was to be one of the expedition group who entered the mysterious portal of faerieland. She entered first, making her one of the first petpets into Altador. Her quick thinking and interest in astrology made her an asset to not only the expedition, but to the people of Altador who owed her their lives and history.

She was offered a seat at the council of Altador, the first petpet to be offered such an honour, but she had a higher calling. With much gratitude, she turned down the offer and left to more troubled places. She searched all over until she found the Neopian Times Office building in Neopia Central.

Finally a challenge for her! The office was in a terrible state, articles and short stories were strewn all over the floor, the editorial team were swamped under a monsoon of questions and articles were being published with major grammatical errors. She was the first petpet in history to work at the Neopian Times office.

Serena revolutionised the paper, and earned herself the office of chief mascot. With the office in an efficient state, again she left, but this time she left in search of tranquil peace and quiet. Who should she find, but Wiselon. Wiselon was the ruler of a small principality and had also spent his life helping others. They decided to settle down and do what they liked most - read books.

As Serena always says: "Knowledge is far more valuble than any earthly treasures you may aquire. It can't be taken away and stays with us forever."

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