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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Sooty
Owner: passiondancer
Pet Name: Dusted_miracle
Breed: Floobix

About Sooty:
As well as it's fur, Sooty's personality is colourful and exciting. Sooty likes playing with Dusted_miracle and loves the odd petpet ball. She also likes traveling and so far her favourite place is Faerieland. Sooty is nice and playful with others and never turns down a good book, she loves to learn more each day about the history of Neopia.
Sooty knows no other Floobix but is happy with other petpets and she likes playing games with them.

One day while playing with Dusted_miracle she met an unfriendly character.. she recalled it was Dr. Sloth sent to find petpets for his collection. Her tree climbing skills came in handy when she ran away from him into the Haunted Woods. She strayed to far from Dusted_miracle this time and found herself frightened by the robot clowns and the talking brain tree. However stumbling across some gypsies she was sent to Kiko lake through a special tunnel, she thanked the gypsies and continued her journey home. Sooty just could not resist the Kiko Lake treats and indulged in the tasty chocolates and gift rocks, when suddenly a mystical light surrounded her, summoning her to Faerieland where she stood before Fyora the Head Faerie, her quest had only started.
"You Floobix, you must fetch me one item..."
"Yes your" Replied Sooty nervously.
"I need an Aubergine Surprise!!" Said Fyora.
This is where Sooty took her trip down the faerieland lift down to the Meridell. The fun astounded Sooty, with the activities and music, and her favourite game, Kiss The Morthog. Meeting the wise king was always a dream of Sooty's, so with a few minutes walk she found herself with the people of Brightvale, trying her luck with the ole' King she came up on top with 70/100.
"I must be smarter than I though! Thanks Wise King" Said Sooty pleasingly.
"It has been my pleasure youngin', now go forth and learn the knowledge of kings." The Wise King said as he sent her on her way to the chilly north, of Terror Mountain!
Sooty knew the the Mountains where only for the more north Petpets, especially when Sooty did not bring her favourite sweater.
She also knew that Dusted_miracle was a particular fan on the Terror Mountains.
So searching through the mountains high and low, Sooty found no sign of her beloved owner, but thinking that she will stop by the Slushie shop for her daily Kiwi slushie, Sooty stopped to marvel at the skating bruce at Rink Runner. Sooty met some wintery petpets also sitting and watching the ice skating show. Telling them about her travels they recalled that they had seen a yurble trying her luck at cliffhanger.
Sooty's eyes gleamed with hope and as she emerged from the caves onto the deep snow of the top of the mountain she saw her beloved owner falling and laughing at herself. Sooty chuckled and flew to her owner in the snow and snuggled between her arms and chest.
Both reunited Sooty began her long story of her FANTASTIC journey which made Dusted_miracle a little jealous but relieved to have her Petpet back.
It just shows that a lucky Floobix can have all the fun just as much as her owner.

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