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Petpet Name: Beep
Owner: penege
Pet Name: KuroJiyuu
Breed: Feepit

About Beep:
Typical Neopian lore usually portray Meepits as evil creatures bent on dominating Neopia, and their arch enemy the Feepit to defeat them in the game Meepit vs Feepit.
Let me tell you, this definitely isn't true. At least in my case. If you would allow me to tell you more about my Feepit Beep, I guarantee you'll be supporting those Meepits in no time at all.
Beep was a petpet abandoned in one of my owner's old account that she found, and decided to transfer him over to me. Perhaps the long time it spent alone and neglected scrambled his brains a little, because Beep has only one thing on his mind, and one thing only: world domination. Never mind he's a small, blue, fuzzy petpet that reaches my knee. According to him, one day he shall defeat all the faeries, bend Neopia to his rule, and then he'll have his revenge on my by dragging me to risk my life awakening the Turmaculus and throwing me down small, dark holes in Meridell.
Neither penege nor I knew what was in store. When I first got him, I never actually took his ambitions seriously, instead laughing it off before giving him a ridiculous name. I only realised a couple of days later that he was serious when I opened my bedroom door to find that he had managed to raid the SDB and was now launching cookies at my head with a mini cannon he found.
Fortunately, due to his duty as a petpet he has to follow after my heels at my beck and call whenever I venture out. Unfortunately, he has discovered a benefit to this; that is to bully unsuspecting petpets of other owners, taking pleasure in reducing them to tears and leaving me the one to apologise. The other petpets of my siblings have learnt the hard way to play along with him, or else they'll probably find themselves (as one Tanizard did) the subject of a rocket experiment to Kreludor.
In his spare time, Beep enjoys stimulating conversations with Dr Sloth, arranging armies of kelp into ranks, conspiring against the rest of Neopia, thinking up pointless experiments and disturbing me with a stick. Sometimes we hide the coffee in the SDB in case he finds it and gets hyper. Who knows what will happen then.
Every now and then I find myself dragging him away from the Battledome whenever we get a new challenger, ignoring his protests of how I am "halting the revolution of Neopia" by "depriving him of defeating the obstacles" and the various ways he will get his revenge once he dominates Neopia. And of course, he is a grand master at 'Meepit vs. Feepit, seeing as he can channel his strength into defeating his rivals 'to Neopia'.
Beep is one petpet I love to hate, and hate to love. I would never take him off or wish him on any pet, in case he should wreak havoc somewhere or maybe even manage to *shudder* dominate Neopia.

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