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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Sasha
Owner: lookith
Pet Name: Zsaei
Breed: Tapira

About Sasha:
The list of daily neopets chores for the average neopian usually consists of a visit to the deserted tomb in geraptiku. In the second day of the month of eating Zsaei and Chunaman went to Geraptiku in the quest of getting treasure from the deserted tomb.
"Ugh, why do we have to do this, you know that I have heard of neopets sometimes NEVER coming out of there?" Chunaman said
"Well, I have heard of neopets coming out of there with MILLIONS" Zsaei replied.
The two neopets walked into the tomb.
They walked through the seeming never endless corridors they entered a large room. Then suddenly, all around them, all the entrances shut.
"See what you did!" Yelled Zsaei
"Why do you think its me, you were the one that wanted to go in here in the first place, remember I told you that we could die! But nooooo, you wanted to keep going in the hopes of finding 'Long lost treasure!'" Chunaman argued.
Little did they know that I, the guardian of the tomb, was sitting in the corner watching their every move. I kept a close eye on the glowing kougra for the next few days. She had a special something about her. So I decided to step out of my hiding place...
"Hey" I said.
"Woooooahh, Zsaei, HELP!" Chunaman cried
"What! Oh, look at that, isn’t it cute!" Zsai said.
"Heehee, My name is Sasha and I was instructed to keep watch over the treasure!"
"So that’s who locked us in here!" Chunaman growled
"STOP! So hello Sasha, I’m Zsaei and that’s my annoying older brother Chunaman"
So we talked for a while until we came to an agreement everyone, well, except Chunaman, liked.
I would let them out if Zsaei took me home with them. As I pulled the lever to open the doors Zsaei picked me up and put me on her back. I told them the way out and we made it out. The outside world was amazing; I had not been out since I was a little baby Tapira. Zsaei showed me the world all over again.
I believe that it was fate that brought us together because I had never met someone as nice as Zsaei. After a while even me and Chunaman became friends.
I had never been happier. This family was perfect for me. I felt like a real queen.
Then one day Chunaman decided to get a petpet. He was real picky about what he wanted. One day I went out and brought him back an Altachuck. I thought that this petpet suited him perfectly! Now me and Chuck Mc Chuckaman, or Chuck as we call him, go on all sorts of adventures together.
Sometimes the whole family goes to Geraptiku to visit my old home just for fun but now they never go into the deserted tomb without me!
I feel like I have changed this family, and they have changed me.

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