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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Eliza
Owner: iloenchen
Pet Name: Fumanya
Breed: Red Karren

About Eliza:
My name is Eliza. I’m a Karren, a red one to be precise. I like Azzles, flying and silence. Yes, silence. If you’ve ever seen a Karren, you will know why.

My ears are gigantic.

They give me excellent hearing, but trust me, you don’t want to be able to hear every tiny bit of noise when you’re in the middle of a crowd. That’s why I’m glad that Fumanya doesn’t like other pets.

In a way, we’re very similar, my Shoyru owner and I. We both have wings and we both love flying. We both avoid pets. We both enjoy the silence. When we’re together, we often don’t make any sounds at all. To communicate, we don’t need many words. Simple gestures are the language we use.

Fumanya is a bookworm. He spends many afternoons reading books. I will then sit on his shoulder, looking at the pictures drawn on the pages and making up my own story about them. Some of them show far away places that I have never seen before. When I close my eyes, I can imagine see us going there. We defeat evil faeries and save innocent Neopets, we find ancient amulets and destroy artefacts of dark magic. Those afternoons are my favourites. I like the comfortable silence that surrounds us when Fumanya’s reading, only interrupted by the turning of pages.

One day, Fumanya found a book explaining the stars. Since then, we have spent many evenings outside, watching the night sky. An old oak tree stands in our garden and we will sit below it, waiting for the stars to light up. They always come, sometimes earlier and sometimes a bit later. In winter, we can go outside in the late afternoon already, while in summer, the stars take their time until they begin to twinkle.

Sometimes, Fumanya takes the book with him and we will then try to find constellations. I easily recognise the Sleeper, but others are more difficult to spot. The large star charts are confusing to me. My owner is a bit better at reading them, but we still have not located many of the stars from the charts.

Fumanya knows tales about each of the constellations and when we find one, he will then tell the story to me in a quiet voice. I could spend all night listening to him telling legends about Siyana or how the farmer got a place in the sky. But each evening, a time arrives when we are called back inside by our beds.

One day, Fumanya and I will spend a whole night outside. We have planned to do so for a while already. My Shoyru owner has collected many books about stars and he will take them outside so we can read up on what we see. Then, we will find all the constellations in the sky, even the Thief, which I have never spotted so far. Maybe we will fly up to the roof of the house. From there, we will have a perfect view of the whole sky and nothing can elude us while Fumanya whispers stories of how the stars came to be.

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