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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Bloopy
Owner: 1_luv_petpets
Pet Name: _Flaming_dragon
Breed: Blorpulous

About Bloopy:
A small grey and green blorpulous had just escaped from the spooky petpet store and was now lost in the haunted woods... he had been wondering around lost for quite a while when he heard a young, new voice muttering off to themselves in the distance... "Ugh! I should've listened to mum and never ever have even thought about going near the Brain Tree! And now I'm lost!" he heard it sulk. As he moved closer and closer to the voice it continued on, "Go find the Esophagor he said! Go south-west to find him and he will give you the info you need he said!", this person didn't sound very happy at all! He finally came to a small cleared path amongst the dense, dark haunted woods. He peered around and noticed a small, red, female Shoryu hovering above him. That must be who the voice he heard belonged to... The Shoryu started flying along again and the blorpulous (very difficultly) trailed along behind her, determined to find out who she was and why she was so upset. They eventually came to a small cleared out circle near the edge of the woods. "Great!", she sighed, "A dead end..." She gave up and just went and sat on the massive, grey rock in the center of the circle. All stayed still and quiet, as if in a trance, for a while, but then the ground shook beneath their feet and the rock groaned and moved! "AAGGHH!" the little Shoryu screamed as she flew to a safe distance. The blorpulous moved around the the side of the circle to get a better view. The Esophagor's dark red beady eyes and gaping mouth replaced the rock in the circle. "II AMMM HUNGGRRYYY..... feeed mmeee annndd I wwilll reeewwaardd yoouu...." it droned.
"Wwhhhatt...whhat dooo yoouu waannttt?????" her voice quavered. "Ffoood..." it replied, though it look quite full. "I'mm ssorryy... I ccan'tt gett yoouu annyy ffoood... I'mm llosst!" she managed to say, still huddled against a tree, shivering. "WHAT!" it blared and shook the forest. It moved forward, stretching out from the hole it stayed and leaned in to eat HER instead! The Shoryu didn't even try to escape! She just sat there, quivering with fear, and covered her eyes! The blorpulous didn't even know this Shoryu but he couldn't let her get eaten! He backed away and climbed the highest tree he could find, positioned himself above where the Esophagor was heading to... then leapt off and flew as fast as he could manage into the Esophagor's head! He hit hard but got rebounded and hit a tree. The Esophagor screeched and moaned before returning to the hole. The Shoryu ran over and picked up the blorpulous and hurried him off to revive him and get him some medicine and food. When he had finally woken up, the Shoryu said to him "Thanks for saving me! I'm really grateful! But I was wondering, maybe, would you like to be my petpet?" The blorpulous uttered a small reply of "yes" and before he drifting back off to sleep, he heard the Shoryu sob "Thank you..." and hugged him close...

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