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Petpet Spotlight

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- Today's Petpet Spotlight -

Petpet Name: Tips
Owner: sundramon83
Pet Name: Poppyana
Breed: White Faellie

About Tips:
It was Christmas day when Poppy's best friend Miles was invited to spend it with the Pawlock family.
"Ding-dong!" The doorbell rang and Istoven casually walked over to answer it. He opened the door only to reveal the boy standing on the porch with a large red box with green ribbon wrapped all around it.
"Ah, hello, Miles. Please, come in! Come in!" Istoven greeted Miles, stepping aside and letting the Wocky into their Neohome.
"Ah, thanks Istoven." Miles greeted the fire Kacheek with a humble nod. He then made his way into the living room where the rest of the family was gathered around the Christmas tree. They had already opened all of their gifts and were now just sitting cozily by the fireplace, sipping hot chocolate and listening to Christmas carols.
"MILES!" A voice came from the side. It was Poppy, excited to see her best friend. She set down her mug on the floor and picked herself up to hug the Wocky. "Merry Christmas!" She said delightedly, shutting her eyes and tilting her head to the side in a cute manor.
"Heh... Merry Christmas, Poppy. Umm... I got you a little something. I hope you like it." Miles said back, handing Poppy the large red box.
"For me? Aww, you're so sweet, Miles." Poppy said taking the box and shaking it a little bit. "Oh, I wonder what it could be."
"Heh, well why don't you open it and find out? And try not to break it." Miles replied.
"Oh okay." Poppy said, wondering what it was inside that box that could be so fragile.
But without further questioning Poppy untied the green ribbon and lifted off the box's top, revealing a tiny white Faellie at the bottom of it.
"Coo?" It said looking up at Poppy in curiosity.
Poppy was nearly in tears when she saw the cute little Petpet. She had wanted a Faellie for a real long time, but could never get her hands on one.
"EEEEEEEEEEEE" She squealed out with joy. "Oh my gosh, a Faellie! Oh thank you, thank you, thank you, Miles!" She cried out, giving Miles a great big ol' friendly hug.
Miles's ear stood up at Poppy excitement. He expected it but it still caught him a little off guard. "Whoa! Haha!" He said, returning the hug. "No problem, Poppy. Glad you like your gift."
"Like it!? I love it! It's the best gift anyone's ever gotten me!" Poppy exclaimed.
"Oh, well... You're welcome!" Miles smiled, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. "So uhh... Got any ideas what to name him yet?" He asked curiously.
The white Faellie then hopped out of the red box and sat on Poppy's lap. Completely happy with it's new owner.
Poppy looked down at the adorable little Petpet and immediately knew what to name him right then and there. "Yep!" She said, looking back up at Miles. "I'm going to name him Tips!"
"Tips? Why is that?" Miles asked.
"Because... He's white... Just like the tips of your ears!" Poppy chuckled.

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